Folding Pocket Tens Pre to a 4-bet

Patrick WPatrick W Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
Game is live 1/3 NLHE "bonus" which in this room means you can match the highest stack.

We are $500 effective (villain) who I cover.

Villain is a young LAG who via table talk demonstrates he knows GTO, combos, blockers, and using solvers, his image is a tough, solid yet creative, thinking player.

Hero is middle aged with a decent reputation as TAG who makes fewer mistakes than most.
I may be worse than that...but that is my image.

I have some recent history with the villain...I have seen him 4-bet with air, and he has stacked me when he had AA vs my KK. He also saw me get stacked by a very loose gambly recreational moneyed guy who also showed up with AA vs. my KK. I have seen the gambly guy 4-bet with any pair a dozen times in the past. point is the villain knows I may at this point in the session be a little tilted (the loss avoidance variety of tilt).

The hand....I am in the SB with :Th:Td

Villain is UTG, who raises to $10. Three players call, so pot is $43. I 3-bet to $80.

Villain 4-bets to $205. Everyone folds....including me.

Did I level myself into a fold based on recent run bad/coolers? Against most players, is folding the tens standard?

Thanks for all thoughts. By the way, he never showed but later when I racked my chips to leave I asked him if he "had it"....I think his answer was BS just to exploit me in a later session...I will post his answer later.


  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    My first thought is that calling in that situation when you are just trying to avoid being "had" again by this player is probably not a good decision.

    I'm folding in this spot. Unless you hit a set, pocket tens is not going to stand up to a ton of pressure in a 4-bet pot regardless of the flop. How do you feel about playing for stacks without a set after the flop? I wouldn't feel good at all.

    That's my instant reaction. Thinking about it after that reaction, I still think you fold here. How often would you say he is 4-betting? And how often with air? Given that he is the pre-flop raiser UTG, I would lean toward him having a stronger hand, to open it UTG.
  • Patrick WPatrick W Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Jordan, thanks for your post.

    I haven't played enough against the villain to answer that with confidence. At this point he is more a type of player to me.... similar to many young competent 2/5 players in my only guessing he makes that move with only top of his range maybe 65-75% of time.... and bottom part especially medium suited connector type hands the remainder of time. As far as his 4-bet frequency I would say highest at the table.

    In the moment I was thinking...if he knows I am either near the top of my range, or squeezing (which I do maybe enough to be noticed).... and he is holding QQ-AA... I assumed he would've just flatted to keep me in. This is why I posted this hand. I can't stop thinking he was exploiting me based on my recent history... against him and the gambly player.
  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    I tell a lot of people here to take my advice with a big grain of salt. I'm fairly new to playing regularly. But with that being said, if he's a thinking player, I don't see where he sees the UTG raise, re-reraise as being effective without a strong holding. Given that he's going to be acting first, I think he's more of trying to get his money in and apply pressure to you given that he's OOP. In my brief experience, I have not seen players 4-bet bluffing pre-flop with total air OOP (or IP for that matter!) Although it occurs to me I perhaps fold to 4-bets too often ;) lol

    I think in this situation given that he:

    a) Open raised
    b) Did so knowing he was going to be OOP
    c) Came over the top of your raise

    signals that he is going to have a fairly strong hand a very large proportion of the time.

    I wouldn't even have thought about this too too long.

    (I also probably don't have 10s in my 3-betting range facing a tough V open raising UTG. I'd probably try to see this cheap, try to mine a set and be willing to press the fold button to a C-bet if I missed and the board was scary. But then again, that may not be the best play either).

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