Facing Donk Bets with KK

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$1/$3, MGM National Harbor, 8:30 p.m. right at the beginning of my session. I sit with $480 and am dealt KK in MP. The action folds to me and I raise to $15. Button and SB calls.

Stack sizes:

Button: ~$400
SB: ~$800

Button I don't know but SB is a player I've played with a lot. He's extremely loose and aggressive. He just rarely gives up on hands that he's started the betting on. He check folds at a high frequency given that his opening range is really wide but if he bets one street, he fires second and third barrels way more than 70% of the time. He pursues his draws without getting the odds to do so (there was just a hand with him where 1.5x didn't stop him from drawing on the river to a 10 high flush) so certainly some things I was keeping in mind as we went to the flop.

Flop lands: 8-9-3 rainbow and SB leads out for $20 into the $49 pot.

IMO his range preflop looks like 2s - 10s, all suited connectors and any unsuited connectors better than 56, suited gappers of J9 or better, A7 - AQ, K8 - KQ. So for him to donk bet this flop, he likely made some connection with it, but only with a few combos that made a strong connection with it.

IMO this is a huge mistake on my part not to raise here but I just called. I remember considering a raise but my notes are absent as to why I chose not to. The button calls as well.

The turn comes 6d. SB bets $40 into the $109 pot. Again... I just call. So does button.

The river is a 6c. Again, SB bets. $60 into the $229 pot. So I've seen bets of less than half pot on each street from the SB.

How should I proceed? Is this a raise or just a call? I feel like I missed my opportunity to raise on the flop and that I am only going to be called down by better hands than me. With button behind still to act, is calling just the play? Or a raise? Certainly I shouldn't be laying this down, right?

Any comments appreciated and happy Monday to you all.


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