How much should I reraise in this position

MistaCrowleyMistaCrowley Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
1-2 live game with a bunch of fish. Sitting on the button with :2s :3d SB raises to 12, Mid position calls, I call. Flop comes :3s :7s :4d SB raises to 20, Mid position does a suit check, meanwhile SB does suit check. Mid position calls. Action on me. Clearly the fish didn't hit the board with their higher end cards. and clearly they don't have a PP otherwise their fishy suit check would have been irrelevant. So the real question for me at this point is how much to re-raise their nothing with my monstrous 2-3o.


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    So you limped this pot before SB raised... so both mid position and you limped/called. I think that's a really important distinction here. You've already seen SB lead and c-bet AND MP limp/call and just call. If either of these players is a calling station, this is not a good spot to raise, but moreover, MP's range can be a little wider, giving him more ways to connect with this board in a meaningful way IMO.

    Given that they have plenty of hands in their range that are going to continue, and they are never going to continue with a worse hand, you're not really making any money here unless you can take the pot down now.

    So to your question, it's gotta be a big raise. In the ~$80 pot, for this to be a +EV play, you need them to fold 50% of the time if you raise to $80 . You've already seen a raise, call, c-bet, call from your opponents. Do you expect them to fold half the time here? Frankly I don't think this is a good spot and I think the decision to play 23o has put you in a situation where you're going to be losing money consistently.
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    I missed a piece of important information, There were 7 $2 limpers before the SB raise so the pre flop pot was 44$. Then 84$ with the two callers on the flop bet. Ultimately I came close to your number at 60$ reraise which folded out mid position (who I was confident missed the flop based on his tighter fishy range). I claimed the pot on the turn when Ace face suited in the small blind bricked it with an 80$ bet there (which would have been basically all in for him.) But the more I think about it I am thinking I should have raised bigger on the flop to take the pot there even though the way I played it turned out to be more profitable in this one isolated instance.
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    1-2 live game with a bunch of fish... SB raises to 12, Mid position calls, I call... So the real question for me at this point is how much to re-raise their nothing with my monstrous 2-3o.

    So it would seem...
  • jeffncjeffnc Red Chipper Posts: 4,713 ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's not possible to raise if no one has bet yet.

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