3way, one all in, line check

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hi guys, this is the hand that I played last nite, thought its interesting, appreciate any comments,

a little bit of background, multi way pot with one or more players all in tend to checked to the river unless one of the active (not all in player) has monster. however, I tend to look for spot to push other player out of the pot with marginal holding even though there is no side pot. reason I do that is, I could not do anything to all in players holding or bluffed him, he has it, he has it. I rather, however, go to showdown with the least number of player when I have marginal holding cuz it increases chance of winning.

EP, $600, TAG
MP, $100, LAG
BUT, hero, LAG, covers both

EP open $15, 5 callers includes hero with :3s :5s

pot $75, flop
:Kh :2d :4s EP cbet $50, MP shove $85 folds to hero, flopped open end, usually like to call it when cbet is small but pots bigger, its clear fold.
If I call, and miss on the turn, EP will bet around $150ish, got to fold.
at this point, I gave EP AK+, since he is TAG and EP open, cbet half pot on k high board to multi way....

since MP probably knows this as well, I put him Kx+, maybe sets...

I was about to fold, but suddenly I realize since MPs raise is less than original bet so EP cant raise if I called. therefore, I tossed $250 and announce $250, which is corrected by dealer and other players. So I just called, and EP did as well.

pot $330
!, I have absolute nut low, cant beat any, however, if I hit my draw, pretty much beat all of my opponents holding.
2. Id like to see the river as cheap as possible.
3. I want EP not betting the turn, no matter what, so I can see the river just in case I missed
4. but bet river no matter what with his value hands, if I hit Ill stack him, not Ill fold.
5. I dont want to bluff him out with my draw, since MP is all in, I could win the pot without hitting my draw.
6. by trying to raise the flop which I cant, I could represent strong holding, so EP will check all of his monster, weak hands....
7. ill check the turn though I hit my draw or not, cuz EP could fold to my aggression, so I will make it look like a marginal, or weak hands..
8. If EP bet the river, and I hit my draw on the turn or river, Ill push, which is more likely he will pay me.

turn :Qs as expected, EP check, now I got flush draw along with open end straight draw, I pretend to tank, then check.

river :6d gives me nut,

EP bet $150, I tank shoved, he seems like he is lost, but pays me with :4d :4c

any comments, thanks.


  • MistaCrowleyMistaCrowley Red Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Well, you got every possible player in the game to pay you every chip they possibly could pay you. I think the only possible flaw would be not having enough money at the table to get more?

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