Jones. Player Pool Analysis.

In this series, Adam Jones uses population analysis to find exploitative lines in a range of situations. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Video 1: Floats And Probes.
Video 2: C-Bet Spots.
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  • motmot Red Chipper Posts: 2
    edited October 12
    hey adam,
    very neat stuff again, thanks!

    one question:
    Float and Probes, 10:38: you open a popup to show what hands the pool is floatbetting. up there u can see the 'vs hero' value which is a whopping 64% instead of the average 45%.

    how do you explain that?

    thanks in advance and keep up the good work. the combination of really solid contents and the superb and concise language you're presenting it in is unheard of for me!

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