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Hey y'all,

I would like to be the first to introduce Optimizing Ace King (OAK)! Adam Jones and I co-wrote this book to take the most in-depth look at playing AK. Since you play AK in 99.9% of situations, and since it should be one of your top earning hands - it only made sense to fully explore the hole cards that create so much confusion among players.


OAK comes in every popular format..just choose the one that is right for you: (You can also get the ebook+audiobook+extra training by picking up the ROYAL edition here:


OAK explores AK through a few different paths:
  • How does AK hit vs. miss?
  • How should we prioritize learning (through the lens of AK)?
  • How should you play AK preflop? This includes flatting vs. 3betting, 3bet/4bet wars, and where AKs and AKo start to differ...
  • How should you play AK when it hits flops?
  • How should you play AK when it misses the flop? This includes missing in 3bet pots as well!
  • How should you play gutshots with AK?
  • How should you play turns & rivers, both when you improve AND when you continue missing?

And to tie everything together, we even dedicated an entire chapter to reviewing a variety of AK hands.

If you look down at Ace King and feel incredibly confident with your lines in single-raised pots AND 3bet pots, both preflop and postflop, skip this book. But if you ever feel uneasy with AK, even just a little, pick up your copy of OAK and start seeing the plan with this hand more clearly!


If you have any questions about OAK, feel free to leave a comment and I'd be happy to help you out ♥
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