Pub poker MTT hand

DeagarDeagar Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
Newish player here. Not familiar with all of the lingo/acronyms so I am sorry if this is not formatted correctly, I will try my best.

First time playing in about 5 years. Early game, already down while I try and see how the table plays.

Stacks -
  • Me ~21k
  • Villian 1 ~ 45k Shown to be agressive with a wide range Q8 suited was his PF raise a few hands before this
  • Villian 2 ~ 30k Nitty
Blinds - 200/400
My hand QhQc UTG
I open 3x BB
V1 Raises to 2400
V2 Calls quickly
Blinds fold
I don't like the V2 call otherwise I may have acted differently - I call

Flop (pot 7800)
9s 7h 4c

I love the flop -bet 3600
V1 Raise 15k
V2 folds

This effectively puts me all in if I call...


  • DeagarDeagar Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    I took longer than I should have making my decision here but thankfully no one called clock on me.
    Here are my thoughts
    • V2 most likely has AK-AJ, would have continued with an over pair or trips.
    • That reduces the number of possible hands that could beat me here which V1 could be holding.
    • V1 would have raised less with AA, most likely smaller raise with KK as he I believe his bet is telling me he doesn't want to see more cards.
    • Very low chance of QQ.
    So I believe he is holding
    • Overpair 10,10 or JJ
    • Top pair good kicker
    • or completely crazy and hit 2 Pair

    I fold thinking I have him beat with the belief that I can pull out of this early game hole I am in.

  • LoveFishLoveFish IllinoisRed Chipper Posts: 104 ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Re raise to 8k pre flop. Jam flop is the play. Do you really want to go 3 way to the flop out of position with QQ? No!

    The way as played you have to call off here on the flop.

    Why don’t you like the V2 call? He has shown he is not strong by just calling behind. This is a situation where you have to re raise. You would reevaluate if V1 ships all in.
  • DeagarDeagar Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    LoveFish wrote: »
    Why don’t you like the V2 call? He has shown he is not strong by just calling behind.

    Only reason I didn't like the V2 call was a few hands earlier she flat called a min raise with pocket AA and first few hands did the same with AK. V2 was never the aggressor in either of those hands. If it was heads up believe I would have 3 bet there.

    All in all I know I played it wrong, it didn't break me but it did haunt me all week.

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