Hand 31

Mark FlemingMark Fleming Red Chipper Posts: 76 ✭✭
With the 2nd biggest stack, I open from MP1 with 2.5BB. The SB with the big stack, a solid TAG, calls OOP.

Combos: me 22% (253) vs him 15% (177)

Flop :Qd:3s:Qh

Postflop equity: me 45% vs him 54%

I CB with 3BB and Solid TAg calls.

Combos: me 19% (48) vs him 39% (40)

Turn :6d

Turn equity: 50% vs 50%

I CB with 4BB and Solid TAg calls.

Combos: me 100% (48) vs him100% (40)

River :Jd

River equity: 49% vs 50%

I value bet to 15BB and Solid TAg calls

Combos: me 100% (46) vs him 100% (38)

The question is, would I prefer to bet the 1.2X (15BB) or half pot (10BB)? We both have hands, and they are close. In fact, we both have queens, I think. I prefer the 1.2X since it may have prevented a re-raise from Solid TAg which I would have had to call, putting even more of my chips at risk. If I lose, I still have a greater than average stack, albeit not by much. The 6th place money adds $7000 and the 5th place adds $18000 to my current 7th place guarantee of $21000.

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