Too Nitty to fold here?

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I am lacking the amount of information I should have for these hands for a complete analysis, but I am working on my note taking and improving. My main question here is would it be too nitty to fold these hands vs these opponents in these spots. Game is 1/3 NLHE, very weak table, two very nitty players (Comes in later), four or five very loose but weak players, and the remainder are moderately ok players, maybe on the nittier side. My effective stack for both is 200BB+, I by far have the entire table covered, and have run the table for about two hours since it opened. Everyone has been calling stations to my pre-flop raises, and either folded out to aggression on future streets or have shown up with very weak hands at showdown. Very few good hands have been made at the table thus far and on hands I'm not involved in players are throwing chips around on ace-high type or 1/2-pair type hands, busting out, and going on tilt. Pocket twos are calling all in's on a wet flop and hitting sets to win and people are not happy. I have a very Tag-y table appearance.

Hand 1: I am BB, V is EP+1 (Stack <35BB), I stacked him on an earlier hand and he had been showing up with garbage at SD and his range widened after I stacked and he re-bought.

PF: 3-4 players limp I Check BB with Q8 of clubs, I almost never limp but normally would folded this as whenever I would bet 15-25 I'd get 1-3 callers and didn't want a MW pot with Q8.

Flop comes Q92 rainbow.

I fire $15, V is only caller in EP+1.

Turn comes 8. I fire $30 this time, V shoves for $75ish. I snap call.

River comes A, we flip he shows JTs for the straight.

I, in my head think I made the mistake of reading the table dynamic and putting more weight on that then what was in front of me on the board and the action he ran. I failed to consider the straight draws he had and I think I made a really fishy move by pulling the snap call. On the other hand, considering all the info I had would it be to nitty to fold two pair here? Whats everyone's input on whether I'm an idiot or did I play this remotely right? Also, could bet sizing have been my flaw? Do I fire a larger bet on the flop to push his pain threshold? I'm not sure just want to know if I totally played this as a failure or close to correct.

Hand 2: I am BTN, V is MP (Stack <40BB). He had been on tilt for awhile after losing half a buy in to a set of twos. Doesn't like to be bullied but also (and I failed to take this into account this time), is a super NIT. (I've played with him before and he looks like a wannabe pro with glasses and the like, I've also only ever seen him make it to showdown with Flushes or better, or in the case of tonight he called a shove by a guy with the Nut flush draw and missed losing to a set of two's which is why he was on tilt).

I limp in A3c from btn, mostly was bored and being dumb and talking myself into balancing my range. Half the table limps other half folds.

Flop comes something like Ah, 5s, 8s. Table checks to me and looking at who's in the hand I decide to slow-play my pair and check through because of my kicker.

Turn comes total brick, I honestly have no idea what card. Table checks through to me again and I raise to $15. Everyone folds but V.

River comes As. V checks to me, I raise to $30, he snap shoves for $75, I snap call. I show Trip A's he shops QJs for the flush.

Now this is 100% my fault for again playing the snap call, not considering his range and play style in the moment, but again now thinking about it is it too nitty to fold here with AAA considering the action that got us here. Obviously with my prior knowledge of him I should have folded but i was dumb and in a hurry and not considering his range but against a 0 info Villain whats the right way to play this? Also, again should I have not bet so small on the turn or bet the flop right away with my Ax in position? Any insight here would be great I am just trying to learn from these hands and see what things I can change to avoid them in the future (besides taking my time and thinking obvious things through).


  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    Hand 1:

    Without a range to work against, it is hard to provide detailed analysis, but you've gotta put in just $45 to win $147, so you're getting better than 3:1 on a call. I don't think you're folding here in this spot, personally. I do think a raise is in order from the BB with a marginal hand just to push out even weaker hands. I don't personally think the $15 bet is too small: it was basically a pot sized bet. What're you going to do there: bet $30 to push people out? Especially if people are stations at this table as you described, I don't see the efficacy of a larger bet here.

    Hand 2:

    So first I think there needs to be a raise on the button. Suited low ace in a limped pot smacks of trouble to me, so first thing I am doing is raising to 3x+1x per limper.

    After that, I would be betting top pair in a limped pot regardless of the kicker here, especially with two spades on the board. The limp preflop with half the table in play means some people may have speculated with something like 7-9 suited, 10-8 suited, hands from middle position you would not play to a raise. It is surprising he shows up with QJ suited, but regardless, if he's really a total nit, you might even make him fold that to aggression if he is OOP.

    But I still think it's a call with a set of aces. The pot is like $140 with the limpers and you need to put in $45 more to call. Similar odds as Hand 1. I don't think we fold sets here with those odds but I'll let more experienced players weigh in.
  • WannabeFarhaWannabeFarha Red Chipper Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Any more comments would be greatly appreciated guys!
  • Brian BBrian B Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    One thing that stands out to me is in both hands passive opponents are showing aggression (strength) on later streets and you are essentially forced to call since you have pretty much committed yourself to calling their shoves. I get it 2 pair and 3 aces are normally good hands. In those two hands though facing aggression, i think you are burning money.
    What is your leading range from oop multiway (vs 4 opponents) in hand one. What is your check raising range?
    In hand #2 i dont mind limping on the button with A3s to keep the spr large, keep the fish in and play your position especially if you thought raising would go multiway with a tiny spr. You mentioned checking the flop to "slow play" your pair. I mean you lead oop into multiple opponents w Q8 but checked on the button with top pair meh kicker (very similar) yet your opponents gave you info about their hands when checking through on the A high board.
  • WannabeFarhaWannabeFarha Red Chipper Posts: 21 ✭✭
    For hand 2, I think as Jordan said I should've bet the A right away as the BTN as its checked to me, I think with bet there and second barrel on turn I maybe get V off of QJ before he sees the As come on the board. I think I played far to passively as a fairly small bet probably either gets him off that draw (since hes been so nitty, and just lost on a similar hand) or he re-raises with a BW Ace, or calls, misses draw on turn which I then fire second value bet and he folds to that. Thats my train of thought anyway, hand 1 I'm still not sure on.

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