67s facing a maniac

RickBlackdogRickBlackdog Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
Hi everyone, would like to hear what you think about this hand. It's been playing on my mind because of the way it rolled out.

So it's a local game with 8 pretty terrible players and we're only 5-6 hands in to the game. I suspect I'm the only one who studies the game at all. A player to my right is a known as highly aggressive maniac pre-flop. When he has a large stack he becomes super loose and aggressive. The previous hand he won a large pot with Q-10 by landing a straight on the river Blinds are 25/50 at this point.

I'm on the button with 67s, everyone has limped in so far so I opt to standard raise to 150 (3BB). The SB calls and maniac on the BB raises to 800 which is 16x BB (our starting buyin is 1000 so we're all still around that number of chips (except for him).

I fold.

The flop comes J85 rainbow. I watch his face and can tell he's missed the flop, and suspect he had some broadway combo. The turn is a 4 which would have completed my straight, river is a low blank. He folded on later streets so I didn't get to see what he thought were great cards.

I'm frustrated at being pushed out of the hand by a bad player and ended up tilting and playing poorly due to my frustration with 'bingo' players (there were a few of them at this table).

Question is, what would you have done in this spot? Should I have iso raised more with so many limpers? I know 67s isn't fantastic, and will often find me on the wrong side of flushes or straights.

Some wisdom please Red Chippers...

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  • DPokerTDPokerT Red Chipper Posts: 25 ✭✭
    Don't worry about the board, its irrelevant to the question of if folding was the right move. Is 67s ever in your 3 bet defense range? If it is, are you comfortable defending a 3 bet with 67s when you are 20 BB effective (you said you have ~1000), and the 3 bet is 16 BB?
  • moishetreatsmoishetreats Red Chipper Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭✭
    As @DPokerT noted, the board is irrelevant.

    I think that you misplayed this hand not when you folded but rather when you opened. You've got to know that the maniac is going to bet big / shove. And you have to fold at that point (76s is a TERRIBLE hand vs. a maniac -- you want a naked ace or even any pair. Indeed, no reason to force it, either, since you know that he'll keep shoving -- eventually you'll get a hand worth getting it in).

    So, I'd rather limp behind. If the maniac makes his typical raise, then you could consider defending on the button since you'll have plenty of stacks left. But, opening on the button with this hand with the maniac left to act is suicidal: You can never steal with this hand, you'll get 3bet/shoved far too often for comfort, and you'll just be losing your raise money.

    Limp-call behind if you really want to play this hand at all.
  • RickBlackdogRickBlackdog Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Thanks - agree 100% with your assessments. Of course the board is irrelevant since I folded, it's just painful to see the nuts after you're forced out so I wanted to confirm folding was the right action. Game coming up it'll be interesting to see if he continues with the same lines.
  • Brian BBrian B Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    At 20 big blinds deep i don't think im putting 67s in my limping range nor would i limp call raises pre. We aren't deep enough to run multiple street bluffs and 67s flops 2 pair plus roughly 5% of the time.

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