Building Pot with Second-Nut Flush

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Playing $1/$3 this past Saturday night at the MGM National Harbor, I am sitting with $599 behind and dealt KhQh in the SB. MP raises to $15. Button calls and I call as well.

Hero: $581
MP: ~$400
Button: ~$800

I have played with MP a few times before, he's a thinking player but I have noticed him open a little wide after not playing a hand for a while and he hasn't been in a pot in 45 minutes or so. He is noticeably antsy. His opening range I take to be 22+, 89s+, A8o+, K10+, A5s+.

No read on button but he's playing a ton of hands. I've only been at the table an hour so he could be getting a great run of cards but given how often he's check folding flops and turns, I think he's playing a wide fit/fold range.

Flop comes down Ac Jh 3h.

I check and MP bets $15 into the $48 pot, a noticeable underbet and to me a huge signal that he's weak but is firing a c-bet anyway. Button calls and I call as well. Should I have considered a raise here? I am drawing to second nut flush which was why I decided just to call. If I was drawing to nut flush, I would have considered bringing it up to $70 because I also had top pair... any flaw in this thought process?

In any event, the turn comes 8h, so my flush has gotten there. I elect to check and now writing this I think that's probably not a great idea. I was half expecting MP to check, leaving the option to button who, given that he's a fit or folder, may very well check behind with the flush draw appearing. But I was also concerned about them just folding to a 1/2 pot bet here.

Regardless, MP fires a second barrel for $35 into $93. Button calls.

How should Hero proceed? I have second best flush playing against two villains who could certainly have a high degree of Ax holdings with a heart or two in there. Of course, much more of their range is NOT beating me here.

I am inclined to think this is a raise to $100-$120 but would appreciate any and all comments.


  • jfarrow13jfarrow13 Red Chipper Posts: 1,254 ✭✭✭✭
    His opening range I take to be 22+, 89s+, A8o+, K10+, A5s+.
    Sounds like a good 3-bet chance with :KH::QH: .
  • WannabeFarhaWannabeFarha Red Chipper Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Red wrote: »
    I don't take 22+, 89s+, A8o+, K10+, A5s+ as a noticeable wide range. Kinda casual or even a little tight for MP. No gapers? Not SC lower than 98s? On the other hand, I'm wondering about A8o-A9o as opening MP for a thinking player.
    It's ok per se, but range can be discussed.

    Now you're sitting on SB with KQs. A great hand. BU is wide and play fit-or-fold postflop. MP is frustrated and seems to open too wide. This makes it a great spot to 3bet ! MP has a higher gap of hands to fold; BU make pay pre but shall be easy to manipulate postflop.
    Also if you flat, there is a good chance BB flats as well, putting your great hand MW OOP. Meh!

    You don't only hold 2nd nut FD. You also have a gutter. And this board hits a SB tight calling range rather well, so you should have some value hands to balance with (except you don't have AA; you should have JJ, 33, AJ, a fair amount of AX and nut FD; maybe even 2 A3s combos for loosish call).
    You don't need to nut combo or nut draw to lead. And 2nd nut FD + gutter is great.

    MP c-bet little, which for you means weakness (like what, AT? KK?) - and if BU calls, his range is somehow capped (depending on his aggression factor). It's a great spot to c-r ! Both to deny equity (against AX for ex) and to build the pot in case you win it.

    Also, if you put V in the weak part of his range, you can (should IMHO) widen your aggression. If they want to fold, send their an invitation with your chips.

    Bottom line
    Stop seeing monster under the carpet like nut FD on any FD board.
    Be more aggressive, especially with monster equity hands and against weak Villains. (Attention at your balance tho)

    I agree fully, I would've 3-bet and check raised for sure. Like you said you crush almost all of his range when either of your draws complete and you hold two huge blockers to either players premium combos. The only thing that beats you is Ax hearts (if fd completes) but thats such a small% of his combos. Plus if you 3-bet your range reps a premium-ish hand pf and then can be value betting against his Ax anyway if you check raise the flop, (in his mind since hes a thinking player) he might fold out the nut flush draw (since if he doesn't get there you might have his range dominated with your pf 3-bet). Just can't give him good enough pot odds to call with Ax draw. Plus if you hit your straight and fd doesn't complete you built a nice pot if he did call you.
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    Just a note, the best :Ah:Xh hand on the flop is :Ah:Th so these holdings are in a weird spot having robust and non-robust equity at the same time. People will play that fast or slow. You block the TPTK + NFD and TP2K + NFD.
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    Phil Ebbs wrote: »
    One of the most notable improvements that I made to my game was to stop flatting in the SB. My winrate increased by about 30% nearly overnight. 3B or fold nearly all hands from the SB.

    This extends to positions beyond the small blind. ;)

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