Matt Damon and Johnny Chan Don't Understand SPR

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So I watched Rounders this weekend and in the scene where Mike is telling Knish about his run in with Johnny Chan, I realized that based on what Mike says, they're both awful poker players.

Mike sits down in a 300/600 game with 6k. He sits down with 10 BB. Ludicrous. Also certainly below the min buy in for the table I would think but that would just be a guess.

But more importantly, the action on the hand Mike describes has some massive flaws by both players.

As Mike describes it the action is all preflop and it goes as follows:

-Chan raises (ostensibly the blinds)
-Mike reraises
-Chan reraises Mike
-Mike reraises Chan
-Chan folds

Issue 1: Are these guys minraising?

Mike says he's been playing tight for an hour, mostly folding. Let's say he's dragged a small pot or two and make his stack 8k.

Based on the action, they have to be minraising for Mike to not be all-in with a 5-bet here.

So that's crazy enough and I would coach them both to turn up the aggression on their raises.

Issue 2: How does Chan lay this down?!

You're priced in at this point, buddy boy, V only has like 2 BB MAX in his stack, just get it in.

Issue 3: Johnny Chan asking Mike if he had it

Come on, you're a pro. Think about his range there. He's an unknown player betting into the world champion. You should have laid this down without QQ+ or AK after the 3-bet. Sure, Mike was bluffing, but if you're opening with something like 9T of spades here, Johnny, just let him have it. And if you're going to 4bet the short stack, just put him all in. Clearly he wants to play for stacks.

Because what's your postflop plan here if he doesn't re-raise? Check/fold the flop with an SPR of less than 1? Crazy!

Honestly, based on this I think Johnny Chan could really benefit from a CORE membership.

And I am also starting to think that Rounders may not be the best example of sound poker strategy…

(It occurred to me as I was writing this that maybe they were playing 300/600 LIMIT but still, you call there … JOHN.)


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