Tough decision AJ x KK

Julio CoelhoJulio Coelho Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
Hey guys, so here is an online hand that I have some doubts on the Turn, it's a 6-max NLH.

Pre flop:
Villain (106,5BB) on the CO bets 3BB
Hero (61,5BB) is on the SB with A♣️J♠️ 3-bets to 10BB
Villain 4-bets to 25BB
Hero calls.

Flop (51BB):
Check - Check

Turn (51BB):
Hero (36,5BB) bets 24BB
Villain raises to 36,5BB (puts hero on all-in)
Hero calls
Villain had K♠️K♦️

The questions here are:
1- Should I have bet the flop and take the profit home? (Hero was 87% to win)
2- Should I have NOT started the bet the turn?
After his raise I was sure that he had trips, just called off to see it with my eyes (tilt).


  • Leath WLeath W Red Chipper Posts: 53 ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    LoveFish wrote: »
    You should fold to a 4 bet pre.

    Doesn't it depend on his image? I imagine everyone's 3bet range gets a bit wider in the SB because it's often a fold-or-3bet spot.
    As such I'd also 4bet wider assuming a re-steal at some frequency related to hero's table image.
    I've 4bet JT vs a BB who I've seen 3bet defend with A2o. With a range that wide I think he folds at a frequency that allows you to make an automatic profit.
    I also think AJo is too weak to call a 4bet with but it could be a shove if villain's bluffing at some frequency.
    FE calculator says villain needs to fold around 40% if his calling range is limited to KK+/AKs, so it really depends how wide his bluffing range is here.

    But as a pure default and without reads I would fold here as well.
    As played however I think we're looking very good on the flop and we only have about a pot-sized bet left because we started short-stacked. I'd just shove here.

    That's another thing that immediately caught me eye, you should always top-off to 100 BB.
  • Julio CoelhoJulio Coelho Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
    LoveFish wrote: »
    You should fold to a 4 bet pre.

    To call the 4-bet, I have the odds of 50/15 ~ 3,33/1 and my hand is a underdog 7/3.
    Which makes reasonable to call...

    The question that I was asking, was should I have took the lead on the flop?
    (this is after the shitty call on the pre-flop was made...)
  • RickBlackdogRickBlackdog Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Got you agree i would fold to a 4bet pre - AJo should be at the bottom of your range pre flop. Not saying never play it, just cautiously
  • Mark GMark G Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    I would fold to the 4bet as well even though you have odds to call you could still get in trouble if an A hits and especially in these cases i would prefer to be in position. As played you have under 1 spr and of course you are getting in and checking seems standard with 100 % of your range on the flop. Also like Leath said you should stack up to at least a 100 bb.
  • The_Juic3The_Juic3 Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
    I don't love flatting the 4bet unless we know he is capable of 4betting you light, I think that it probably should be a fold. My reasoning behind that, is if you are flatting it, youre SPR now is so low that you are committed.

    On the flop as played I think you should have led. If we are checking the flop are we folding if they bet? I feel that is unlikely, perhaps we are giving them rope to Jam hands like JJ-KK that we beat, but I don't see that happening often. Also, there shouldnt be any Ax hands in their 4bet range that we beat. (please keep in mind I don't have a ton of history in games where I have had to identify 4 bet bluff ranges).

    If we can't fold the turn because of our SPR, then I don't see why we arent jamming flop. I assume the goal is to maximize our chances of getting called by worse on brick turn, but the K on the turn is anything but a brick, everything that we beat on the flop is still folding (unless of course Villain has KK), and all of the hands that beat us on the flop are still calling.

    If my thoughts are way off, or if I have repeated anything anyone else has mentioned, please let me know! (i try not to read responses until I formulate my own, so I may have missed something critical that wasn't in the original post)

    Trust that gut instinct!
  • suited4eversuited4ever Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
    I think that the AJ should be folded pre-flop.
    I f you call 4-bets with these kind of hand, you'll probably lose in the long run

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