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11/1. SplitSuit kicks the month off with an analysis of hands played by one of his students. The common theme? In every hand, hero holds a T. So there's that.

11/8. Gareth James is back with his buddy PioSolver to carry out a deep hand analysis. Specifically Gareth repeats the analysis of a single hand for different ranges to illustrate the critical importance of range assumptions in such work.

11/12. Honoring the memory of his Welsh ancestors, Adam Jones goes data mining. His population analysis reveals both the ranges players turn up with when they donk bet, and also how they tend to respond to donk bets.

11/14. Continuing her series on poker mindset traps, Dr. Tricia Cardner looks at the thorny topic of self-criticism. It turns out this can lead to all sorts of nasty consequences ranging from demotivation and procrastination to anxiety and depression. Dang.

11/15. Our double dose of Mr. Jones continues the theme of population analysis. This time Adam is looking for exploitable trends when we face limpers, as well as how regs respond to 3-bets.

11/19. More Pio work from Gareth in this one. This time he's taking the lid off three-bet pots.

11/22. Doug Hull reveals some more of his novel visualizations in this tournament video on push/fold.

11/26. Fausto Valdez shares his secrets on how he trains using Flopzilla and has recommendations for utilizing this software most effectively.

11/29. We wrap the PRO month up with Andrew Brokos as he continues with his "Consider All Your Options" series. This month: donk-betting the turn.

On top of all that we have four new CORE lessons (L3 cash) and some articles.

Enjoy ~ Kat
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