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I know that I would have 15 outs with an open end straight with a flush draw, since two of the flush cards are also the straight card outs.
Suppose that I have the same open ender with a backdoor flush draw. I think the chance to hit the backdoor with two cards to come is about 4%. Does that mean that, with the (approximate) 32% chance to hit the straight, I would have 36% percent chance to hit one or the other?
Can I count the backdoor as a full out here, making it nine outs? And if there are nine, would Soloman’s rule apply, making it 35%?


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    The backdoor flush draw on the flop is about 1.5 outs. Slinging it on Equilab you're around 37% which is consistent. The bigger issue is if your opponent has 2pr or a set giving them redraws.
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