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It has been pointed out to me that knowing exactly what is in CORE is not 100% clear, so I wanted to correct the issue.

First, if you have no idea what CORE is, this video gives an overview.

Second, if you're looking for a more detailed description of the content, the Level I and II syllabus is given here:

The issue that has been facing those of you who work faster than we publish new material is that you would like to know the new Level III hand analyses as they're released. So for completeness I've given below all the Level III material. Links to this will only take you to the lessons if you are a PRO/CORE member. I've included publication date, lead author, and whether the hand is taken from a tournament or cash game.

Hope this helps ~ Kat

3/5/18. Jones. Cash. Jack-High Probe And Barrel.

3/20. Jones. Cash. QJ Facing 3 Barrels With top Pair.

3/27. Jones. Cash. K8 - C-Betting Top Pair On A MW Flop.

4/3. Hayles. Tournament. 55 - Calling A Preflop Reshove.

4/10. Jones. Cash. A6 - Dealing With Turn Probes.

4/17. Jones. Cash. AK - Range Advantage And Chunking.

4/24. Jones. Cash. A4 - Check-Raising Flops And Barreling Decisions.

5/1. Jones. Cash. 57 - Triple Barrel Bluff.

5/8. Jones. Cash. 44 - Turn Float Bet Scenario.

5/15. Hayles. Tournament. K2 - Calling An All-In With An Underdog Hand.

5/22. Jones. Cash. KJ - Defending Flop Checks.

5/29. Jones. Cash. KT - Live Iso-Raising Skill.

6/5. Hayles. Tournament. A7 - Checking Back The Flop With TPWK.

6/12. Jones. Cash. K8 - Turn Semi Bluffs, EV Calculations.

6/19. Jones. Cash. AK - Sizing And Chunking.

6/26. Hayles. Tournament. QT - The Stop, Get Set And Go!

7/3. Jones. Cash. 56 - Facing A Flop Raise.

7/10. Jones. Cash. JJ - Facing A Turn Raise.

7/17. Jones. Cash. QQ - Facing A River Raise.

7/24. Hayles. Tournament. KQ - Range Versus Range Frequency Analysis.

7/31. Hayles. Tournament. AQ - Aggression At Low SPRs.

8/7. Hayles. Tournament. 67 - Final Table Pressure: Check-Raising With Air.

8/13. Jones. Cash. AK - Multiway Postflop.

8/21. Haward. Tournament. KQ - Back-Raising All-In Late Stage Live MTT.

8/28. Jones. Cash. 99 - Versus A Straddle.

9/4. Hayles. Tournament. J8s - Defending Small Blind And Bluffing River.

9/11. Jones. Cash. AT - Playing In Big MW Pots.

10/30. Jones. Cash. QQ - Playing Versus w34z3l.

11/6. Jones. Cash. 76 - Is This A Cooler?

11/13. Gano. Cash. A8 - Efficient Thinking And Exploitative Concepts.

11/20. Jones. Cash. AA - Slow-Playing Aces.

11/27. Jones. Cash. 75 - 5-Way Pot With baby Flush.

12/4. Jones. Cash. 76 - Triple Barrel For Value.

12/11. Jones Cash. KQ - Dealing With Variance.

12/18. Jones. Cash. AK - Playing vs 3-bet Cold-Caller.

12/25. Jones. Cash. AQ - All-In Preflop.


1/22. Gano. Cash. T8 - River Bet Sizing With A Polarized Range.

1/29. Jones. Cash. AT - Playing Top Trips As PFR.

2/5. Gano. Cash. 44 - Bluff Raising The River.

2/12. Jones. Cash. 88 - Facing River Overshove With A Set.

2/19. Gano. Cash. AQ - Practical Application Of GTO Solutions.

2/26. Jones. Cash. KT - Playing 2nd Pair On The River.

3/5. Jones. Cash. 66 - Missed Probe For Protection.

3/12. Jones. Cash. Pair + Redraw In 3-Bet Pot.

3/19. Jones. Cash. KJ - Royal Flush Draw In 3-Bet Pot.

3/26. Jones. Cash. QJ - Trips In Multiway Pot.

4/2. Jones. Cash. 99 - Set In Big Multiway Pot.

4/9. Jones. Cash. KK - Overpair In Multiway Pot.
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