Hand from yesterday's home game #2 -74s flops trips

LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 550 ✭✭✭
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€1-€1 homegame
5% rake, €10 cap

HJ (covers) straddles
CO (€150) calls
BU (€200) calls
SB (€100) calls
BB/Hero (€200) calls :7d:4d
HJ raises to 12
Everyone calls
Hero calls

Flop (€60 - 5 players)
SB checks
Hero checks
HJ checks
CO bets €12
BU folds
SB folds
Hero raises to €40
HJ calls
CO folds

Turn (€152 - heads-up)
Hero checks
HJ checks

River (€152 - heads-up)
Hero checks

I think preflop is a mistake. The straddler is an active, pretty solid reg who can definitely use some stealing spots and apply pressure to weak ranges. I was planning on call-folding getting such a good price but after everyone called I felt like I was priced in with a large portion of my initial calling range. Am I wrong there?

As played, I wasn't really sure whether to lead or check-raise (or check-call). Would like to know which one is better as I don't really have an idea which factors go into that decision. I wasn't expecting HJ, the preflop raiser, to check and cold-call a raise. I put him on pretty much exclusively flush draws which he decided not to bet. I think he would bet all his overpairs himself. Given that assumption, I felt like I could not bet anymore for value when the flush came in.

This leads me to believe maybe a lead or check-call is better. In that case I keep more hands in their range which can call more streets. Am I onto something here?

Anyway, I think given the range I put villain on I can't do anything but check turn and river.


  • AllesErinAllesErin Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Pre: You're getting 5-1 on your money. Your relative position on the table (assuming you check almost every flop, the agressive HJ wil continue a lot makes you closing the action). I think is close, but I like the call.

    Flop: I would always check, never bet myself. Would you bet here with an 8? With a FD? Very likely not, and your opponents will know that. So by making a bet here you will really pop up on their radar and make them fold a lot in their range, which with they would have called a c-bet from HJ with. Having said al that, I would checkraise. Because I probably have the best hand, but there are some draws out there and because I can represent a semi-bluff type of hand. You should make a bigger raise than just 40, this way you are giving him too good odds for continuing with a FD (his underbet signals this type of hand).

    Turn & river: We didn't expact that HJ cold call. And the spade is a card you did not want to see. Do you have any extra information on him? Have you seen him do crazy things? If not, I would c/f on this turn (and river). Besides a flush 88/As4 is also in his range. I can't see us beating anything in his range here, unless he is a maniac.
  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 550 ✭✭✭
    Again thanks for the feedback!

    Love the comments on the flop check-raise sizing. That's really eye-opening. What size were you thinking? More like €50?

    HJ probably best player at the table. Can get creative but doesn't get out of line generally, and absolutely not a maniac. For that reason I agree check/folding is the best line, even already on the turn, which is what I would do if he bet.

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