QQ —-> Ride or Die?

Adam BAdam B Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭
10K Guaranteed on ACR
Stack: 659K
Blinds 10k-20k
1000 ante (I think)
79 people left (already in the Money)

UTG+1 Raises to 55k
Stack: 1.2mill
Very active player in the 3-4 rotations I’ve been at the table
(Villian has made it to several flops and showed a triple barrel bluff)
C Bet percentage is high 70%

Hero on button with :Qc:Qs Calls

I almost always 3 bet here. Here’s why I didn’t. The BB had just lost a big pot against the UTG+1 raiser and is sitting with 225k. The trap has been set.

BB shoves for 225k

Much to my surprise UTG+1 insta Re shoves to put me at risk.

Likely range:

-I’m under represented
-UTG+1 has bundles of chips and has me covered
- I Currently sit at above average stack 22-79 people remaining

What’s the play here, and why?

Results to follow.


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