AQ against fish

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Hello RC

Played this hand online against a massive aggro-fish but only had 20 hands on him when the hand played out but had seen him put in some raises and generally played pretty aggressive. When he bet pot on turn i was pretty aware that i was committed if i elected to either call or shove all in so i went with the last option. Im not sure of his raising range on the flop and then potting turn but i putted his value-range on something like 2 sets (77 and 99) all the two pair combos (Q9, Q7, 97) so that makes 37 combos that beats me on the flop. His bluff-range could be something like all j10 and 7-10 and also some weird hands without much eq. Maybe he also take this line with KQ and QJ that he overvalues but not sure of that so in that matter i have a hand that absolutely have enough eq to get the money in but not sure if my assumptions are way off. What are your thoughts? My raise size to 2,5x from CO is my default strategy but think i made a small mistake by not raising to at least 3x because of his stats

His stats was vpip: 74, PFR: 42 3bet:20, AF:3,00 and called Pfr with 55 % of hands

No Limit Hold'em $0,10/$0,25
5 players
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UTG - UTG ($25,00)
CO - Hero ($36,63)
BTN - BTN ($25,00)
SB - SB ($25,00)
BB - BB ($24,59)

Preflop: ($0,35, 5 players) Hero is CO with :As :Qd
1 fold, Hero raises to $0,62, 2 folds, BB calls $0,37

Flop: :Qh :7c :9d ($1,34, 2 players - BB: $23,97, Hero: $36,01)
BB checks, Hero bets $0,96, BB raises to $4,16, Hero calls $3,20

Turn: :5h ($9,66, 2 players - BB: $19,81, Hero: $31,85)
BB bets $9,23, Hero raises to $30,00, BB calls $10,58 (all-in), Uncalled bet of $10,19 returned to Hero

River: :3d ($49,28, 2 players, 1 all-in - BB: $0,00, Hero: $12,04)


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