QQ in a limp re-raise pot in a league tournament

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This is a monthly tournament in a poker league. Winner of the tournament gets a buy in to a $1500 WSOP event and extra money for travel (~$2200 total). Points assigned to your place each tournament, 10 for first, 8 for second...0 for last. Also, $100, 60 and 30 for first, second and 3rd place finish for the night. Maybe some interesting ICM considerations, but too complicated for me to figure all that out. We are all recreational poker players with one regular player.

V1 (UTG+1)is a nit to TAG player, mid 40s, pays more attention to his fantasy team then the game for most of the tournament.

V2 (BB)is a regular poker player, pretty much the best of all of us, but still very recreational.

Hero (MP), mid 40s TAG, working on loosening up my game, but still too tight.

Blinds 50/100. We have only played 4 hands at this point, so those involved in hand all have original buy in of $75K

V1 limps for $100
Hero with :Qs :Qd raises to $300
CU calls
V2 calls
V1 3 bets to $1000
Hero calls
V2 calls

My raise is usually 2.5 BB and usually add a SB or BB per limper. I felt that V1 is only doing this with AA or KK. I would consider adding AKs and QQ (but chances of QQ are very low). I doubt he limp raises to be tricking with AKo, but maybe he does. Overall, he is at the very top of his range with this move. So basically, I am turning my QQ into a set mining opportunity. Is this a mistake? Should I 4 bet here to 3K with plan of folding to a shove. The problem is how much that impacts the league standings, I am currently in first, but a 0 would seriously effect my chances of winning.

Pot $3350
Flop :Tc :8d :4h
V1 bets $2000

I think calling is very bad, but if someone has an argument for calling, I am willing to listen. So I could fold, look for a better spot. I convinced myself pre-flop I am set mining, so time to let it go. I could push. If his range is AKo, AKs and QQ+, we are pretty close to a coin flip. But, if the limp-3bet represents AKs, QQ+, I am way behind. But what does pushing accomplish, folding AK and denying its equity I guess. There is still a player left to act, so I really can't talk to much to try to get a better read on V1.


  • LoveFishLoveFish IllinoisRed Chipper Posts: 92 ✭✭
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    Can’t give you any advice until I know the stack sizes. Stack sizes in tournaments are the most important consideration in any situation.
  • StrainJPStrainJP Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    We all have about the same amount $7500 (75BB)
  • StrainJPStrainJP Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    It was the 4th hand in the tourney and we start with $7.5K
  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Lets start at the beginning. Your preflop raise was too small, you should be betting 4-5x in that spot. That said you have an over pair on rainbow board that given the betting most likely did not give any straight draws, or two pairs. That leaves sets, over pairs and air. So now your question is does V1 or V 2 have Aa Kk or 10-10 or do they have a big suites A? I would say V 1 with his check raise pre is a larger concern. I am never calling here, I am folding or Jamming. Given the info I would jam but since you have history with these players you should have a better feel for if the bet is is a C-bet with air or legit. Given what you have said I would guess c-bet as a recreational player he would check and big hand looking to check raise. Recreational players tend not to bet there big hands trying to keep players in except on scary boards which this is not
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    My first post so be gentle. My experience with recreational players is that a limp 3bet preflop usually means AA or KK. I agree with call as a set mining opportunity. On the flop it's a fold. If the play was a good player their likely holding depend upon your image, since it is regular game and you said you were tight/not aggressive. I would expand holding range to cards that could flop well and be disguised (small pairs & suited connectors). Against a good player it is a shove.
  • Warrington_1Warrington_1 Red Chipper Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I look at this like a Doyle Bruson situation. Your bet should ask the question Do you want to play for stacks and that would require an overbet. Your initial raise was alittle small. $500 is the min here I believe. Its pretty early to know anything about his range or him to know yours. I would say a shove is in order preferably when he came out for his first 1k raise Preflop. Preflop you are losing to AA and KK. Post flop he is drawing to a straight with 9Js (alittle weak to start but people are crazy early on), could have AA,KK, JJ, 88 is alittle weak for early aggression like this also. AK suited lost alot of it power on this flop also along with any straight draw. In short. I would have shoved after his raise to 1k and asked him if he wants to lose his stack on hand 4 of the tourny.

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