Life Benefits of Poker

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Poker has been a serious part of my everyday life for six months today and while I've only recently achieved a win rate one can be proud of (as a starting point), I've noticed so many positive changes in my life that I wanted to open a thread discussing the life benefits of poker. I'll share the big three for me and hope others can share how this great game has benefited their lives.

First and foremost I've been drinking less and exercising more. I wrote myself a checklist for what factors need to be met to play (and study) my best poker and not starting the day hungover or in that hazy state that doesn't clarify as a hangover is key. I also play better when I exercise and meditate prior to a session. Consequently I've dropped 17 pounds since I've started playing poker 12 hours a week and I'm back to running a 16 min 2-mile.

Second, I've become much more patient. Before I started playing poker, anything that didn't go according to plan would frustrate me. I've had enough kings meet aces the past half year to just shrug my shoulders both at the table and in my everyday life. Also, sitting for three hours a time without a playable hand has instilled a significant amount of patience as well.

Third, I now just smile when shit goes sideways. I got it all in on the flop with top two pair (aces and kings) in a non 3-bet pot a few months ago and V caught runner runner for a flush (his jam was a stone cold bluff). Before the cards came I said 'Good luck all in' and meant it. And then when two spades ran on the turn and river, I laughed, smiled and said good hand as I reached for my wallet to add on $300. Another player said 'I've never seen someone so happy to get drawn out on.' All I said to him was sometimes that happens, but in reality, I completely disassociated myself from the money once I knew I got my money in good. When V went all in it was a dream because I knew I was ahead because there was no 3 bet. But this example means a lot to me because when little shit used to go wrong in my life, I used to adopt this fatalistic 'woe is me' attitude. And now I just don't. It's all just variance. Sometimes it goes right and sometimes it goes wrong. All you can do is play the best you can and look to the long term and keep studying to get better.

So on the six month half-versarry of me playing poker seriously, thanks to all of you who have helped me along the way not only become a better poker player but become a better person as well.



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