Poker Plays You Can Use vol2 Missions 1 to 3 complete example

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This post maybe a bit long for anybody to fully review - however following SplitSuit encouragement in a recent video I watched I thought it would be interesting to hear anybody views on the below study I did from Dougs new book, where this is the first output from missions 1 - 3.

Player Profiles -- (I used my last session at the casino to create my profiles to make it more real - even though the flops below are random)

UTG+ 1: New Young Player, new to the casino looked uncomfortable, probably played online for a while and read some literature, being live probably has tightened his game. Only seen him play 2 hands that he raised preflop, then bet flop confidently and took it down

CO: Hero: Me, was unknown at the table as don’t play at this casino often, had been card dead, when played completely whiffed the flop and was forced to lay down on turn or river after various stabs that went wrong against unknown players that I later realised were fish. If somebody was studying, I probably looked like a bad player a bit tight player that could be taken off hands on later streets.

SB: Regular, winning player, TAG, claims to play professionally for 7 years, openly announced this while playing at the table, will bet / raise his draws, will call late position with JKo, I don’t believe makes any light three bets against unknown players, only 3 bets AA, KK, AK (Maybe QQ) in this game from what I have seen of his game, will be profiling players talks a lot – makes jokes, very comfortable at the table, doesn’t make calling mistakes

$1-$2 Study – All players have a starting stack of $200

MP1 --- (Hero) ---- AsJh ---- Bet $6

CO --- (Regular, Winning Player) ---- Call
Range – (Pairs 22 – QQ, suited connectors, wide range of Broadway Cards including TJo, ATo+)

BB --- New Young Player --- Call

Range – (ABC range, typical book suggestion, 22 – 77, Suited Broadways, ATo+, medium suited connectors)

My before the flop thinking – Against these players, with a single pair probably wont get paid much, will have continuation and barrel bluff success in the correct scenarios or on other believable bluff scenarios

All scenarios BB checks, its on Hero Pot = $21

Hero Hand = As Jh


5d kh 4s ---- Check ---- Reasonably dry board, however we have little equity, K in both players range and all pocket pairs between 66 – QQ will call, no good barrel cards can come on the Turn… The good player could float the flop with a wide range.

Kd Qc 2d ---- Check --- Wet flop, in both players range, the only good cards for us on the Turn is a non-diamond Ten

3c 2c 8h
Bet ---- We expect the Regular Winning Player to raise with a flush draw or over pair thus defining his hand and expect the young player to only call with an overpair or flush-draw and check raise a set, we could barrel the turn with any broadway or club, we could improve with an Ace or Jack to the winning hand. If called on the Turn, we could bluff the river club against the winning player.

Qh, 3d, Jd
Check / Fold ---- After showing weakness on the flop I find the thought of check / calling been difficult to be successful as the strong player in position player could bet us of our hand weak hand easily with only a non-diamond jack on the turn being a good card for us to see to improve our hand

6d 8d Ks ---- Check ---- Little equity in our hand, we expect at least one if not both players to call with draws or the K. The only barrel opportunity would be representing a filled draw – which one of our opponents could actually have

3h 4c 6s ---- Bet --- We could improve our hand with an A or J, we could barrel any other high cards, represent some straight draws filling if we thought the strong player would believe it

Td, 8c, 3s ---- Bet --- Dry board, opportunity to improve hand, can barrel any over card

Kc Qd 9d --- Check --- Wet Board.

Ts 5c 7s ---- Bet --- We have over cards that might be good plus the Ace of Spades which reduces flush draw hands in opponents ranges, we have a backdoor flush and straight, Could barrel a spade or Q, K, check, any non-spade card 4 - 10

Qs 9c 7d --- Check – Coordinated Board --- Limited barreling opportunities. Only an Ace significantly improves our hand

8s 9h 4d --- Check ---- Coordinated Board --- I see more chance we would be outplayed or instantly behind here.


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