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Hey everyone:

Another year hurtles towards its close and we're rounding it out with another great collection of PRO and CORE content.

12/3. Splitsuit leads off the month with the intriguingly titled "Calling vs. Shoving A Semi-Bluff." Specifically he does one of his deep dives into AQ on a JTxx board. There's math. It's great.

12/6. Adam Jones looks at betting lines that are appropriate against recreational players. We often want to play pots against such players, ideally heads-up, so Adam focuses on iso-raising and iso-3-betting, as well as some strategies from the small blind.

12/10. RCP co-founder and resident pugilist Christian Soto returns to his "Taking On The Forum" series. As in previous installments, Soto breaks down hands posted in the forum from a high-level poker perspective.

12/13. Kat's birthday. Donations to Maine Coon Rescue or Alley Cat Allies always welcome. And yes I was born on a Friday.

12/17. In the first video of a new series on floating, Andrew Brokos asks "What, When And Why." Fortunately all three questions are rhetorical and he spends the bulk of the video answering them.

12/20. As part of our rotating series, poker tells guru Zach Elwood looks at what we can glean when our opponents show uncertainty or concern when betting.

12/24. If you were jonesing for more Jones, you're in luck, as Adam drops his second offering of the month. I personally found this discussion of bankroll management and shot-taking absolutely fascinating. Teaser: it's not nitty.

12/27. The Glover/Hull double act are, or possibly is, in a festive mood as they bring us "A Snowie Vegas Winter." They're keeping this present wrapped currently (i.e., I haven't seen it), but I understand it follows on from their last video on Poker Snowie and preflop ranges.

12/31. To close out the year, the effervescent Dr. Tricia Cardner is back with another eyebrow-raising episode in her mental traps series. This month's topic is "Avoidance," which is provocative coming as it does immediately before some of us make absurd New Year's resolutions.

In addition to that battery of top-flight information, we are releasing four new CORE lessons. All four are Level III cash game hands created by Adam Jones.

12/4. 76 - Triple Barrel For Value.

12/11. KQ - Dealing With Variance.

12/18. AK - Playing vs 3-Bet Cold-Caller.

12/25. AQ - All-In Preflop.

Thanks to all our subscribers for their suggestions and interest. Without you we wouldn't be able to create this content.

~ Kat
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