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I had won a seat in a $250 MSPT Satellite 20% win seats in the main. There were 30 seats and $880 for the bubble. Rebuy has closed we are at 300-600 100 ante. At this point I am in the BB with 14K and V is cut off. Preflop it is folded to V who calls it is folded around to me and I check with 9D 5D. Flop comes out Q S 6D7D giving me a gut shot straight draw and a flush draw. I check and V insta shoves. V is about 70 and I have a lot of table time with him over the last 5 years. I'm 55 and generally have a tighter image. I have V covered (he had 12K). I think for about a minute and call. Was this a correct call, given the odds? V is typically on the tighter side but far from a nit. There were still about 95 players left at this point


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    So V is just launching 5x pot at you? That is such a strange spot. I have a very strong aversion to calling off for what is likely a coin flip in a tournament. Had you checked and he bet something sensible I can def see a check-raise, but in a $250 in which many people may have sattied in I don't like calling for what is effectively my tournament life. Against players of that caliber I think I can find a better spot, or at least one in which I'm the aggressor.
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