How would you make an immersion program?

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Suppose I wanted to make myself a poker boot camp where I do nothing but condition the math, read and play poker for 4 to 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days for a week, or two,,,or a month? My next step is to start teaching diving for 6 months which are long hard days. My poker playing will be for an hour or two at night and on my days off. So right now I have a rent free situation with a dear friend who is letting me stay here and do what I want for however long that I want. How can I take advantage of that?

I currently have redchip core and crushing the microstakes, which has been a great book/video system however a bit dated.

How would one go about setting up a good immersion study program? What key things from Core should I focus on that when my free time isn't so free, what will I have wished I had done.

I am open to further poker education products however between CORE and CTM, however, I feel like the basics are there for me to work with. Include poking around PT4. I also saw the 6max cashgame work book on hand reading?

If you made it this far reading, thank you for your attention.


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    I don't know the I'm not building on that...but giving you some sugestions of things that helped my game. I can sugest a few things that helped me.

    First I developed a drill...I have flopzilla, though you can do the same drill with a deck of cards.

    In flopzilla I put down my base range....for me betting and them calling its 25%...but use whatever range you use for a regular calls my raise.

    I then generate a random flop with flopzilla, and quickly estimate initially on paper counting, later in mn my head, the ratio between top pair+, 2nd pair (bluff catcher type hand), draws, and air.....

    Then jot my estimation of how often they hit the flop, and when they do the ratio of strong hands, bluff catchers and draws...

    Check my quick estimates against the actual numbers on flopzilla...

    Repeat for half and hour twice a day or what ever....

    Later do it against raising ranges, and limping ranges and limp calling ranges.

    The system I developed that helped me do it in my head faster I presented in a couple of posts...

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    How does one train in a game where thinking better than others is what wins?

    How do you know that your training material will develop the right understanding?
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    Eazzy, thank you for your input. I have everything copied and noted to spend time conditioning my hand ranges and to explore your methods of exploring ranges. Your input is helpful to create a routine. I am ok with getting flopzilla.

    Eugenius, thank you for these questions. The root or spirit of my question is how to to spend this wonderfully gifted resource of time and space to study. I feel very grateful to be able to spend as much time as I need to study and train. I want to make good use of it.
    How does one train in a game where thinking better than others is what wins?
    The big answer here of course is time. The limited 10k of hands I have played show me it is a marathon not a sprint. Poker tracker 4 and your bankroll being the metrics to measure in time.

    The spirit of my question is to grasp what are opinions about the good fundamentals that are universal and how develop a useful methodology that works for me. I mean take self-defense for example. No matter what system of self-defense you study, krav maga, wing chun, kung-fu, MMA, BJJ, etc..there are fundamental principals and basics which are universally applicable to any style and need to be conditioned without thought. I have a resource of time here which I wish to use well to get those basics in my system so I don't have to think about basic things which should be thoughtless. Poker and combat seem to have a lot in common. Never think in combat. The thinking is done in training.

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