Two pair, bet for value?

GreejnbuddyGreejnbuddy Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
At this table my playstyle is LAG 20NL EUR. I hope this is readable, not used to share my hands on a forum, even if I played poker for 15 years. Also, I’ve decided that I am not going to reveal what my opponent had until later, I really hope some of you could share your thoughts 😊

HERO on button7C-4C lag
Villain on bb XX tight/weak
Villain on hj XX aggressive

HJ raises, but he only doubles the blind, he is very aggressive player. On the button I wake up with 7C-4C, I just call. Everyone else folds except BB he is not aggressive at all, in my opinion to passive.

Flop 7H-3C-8C (pot 1,40)
BB bets 0,20
HJ raises 0,40
Hero raises 1,95

Here I am thinking they have nothing strong at all, HJ that made a 3bet has nothing, he just want to control the hand, but it aint going to happen.
I decide to build the pot with a pot bet around 1.95. BB calls and HJ Fold.
In my opinion I got exactly what I wanted, the aggressor from HJ folded.

Turn 4D
(7H-3C-8C-4D) (pot 3.75)
BB checks
Hero bets 3.85
BB calls

I improved, know I have 2 pairs with a flush draw. I decide to bet the pot, I want to protect my two pairs from potential draw, (even if I have a draw myself). I could go for 2/3 but decide to go with a full bet, I really want this guy to fold since my two pair is not the strongest and the board is getting scary already.
River TS

(7H-3C-8C-4D-TS) (pot 11,25)
BB checks
Hero ?

I am thinking like this, hand that can beat me is 9-6 7-8 -T-8 5-6.

Hands I can beat (8-5) (8-9) (8-A) (K-8) (8-Q) (J-8) He could also had top pair with the flush draw.

What should we do? go for a value bet, half the pot maybe or just check? Remember they have the impression that I am quite loose, so they might pay me of with a weak hand. I do of course understand that this board is dangerous.

So what you guys think I should do in this spot?
Bet for value or just check and be happy if I win a showdown?

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  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 471 ✭✭✭
    Some important things you want to include so we can properly review it:
    a) stack sizes of relevant players (in this case HJ, you, SB and BB)
    b) player profile of SB

  • GreejnbuddyGreejnbuddy Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Thanks LeChiffre.
    a )In this case SB did fold so he was not in the pot, but I think you want to know about BB as he was the one playing with me. We all had 100~ big blinds

    To be honest, did not play so much with SB, but the little I saw was tight, and not aggressive at all, soft player to play against. I am not sure what more to tell you about him/her since I honestly have not much information.
  • GreejnbuddyGreejnbuddy Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    @ pokerdj4

    I did go for a value bet, I did bet around 55 % of the pot on river. He called with 6-5 for a straight.

    Even if this time went wrong I still think a bet can be OK here, I think it’s a really close one, either bet or check on the river my two pair was not that strong, however potentially lots of hands that could call.

    Well analyzed pokerdj4 really good job, thanks

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