Small flush hits turn, now what?

MattPMattP ✭✭Red Chipper Posts: 98 ✭✭
$1/$2 NLHE home game. I have $300 and have both of the three villains covered. This is one of the first hands of the night.

Villain #1 is a casual, non-serious player. Doesn't really think about the game. Doesn't like to fold and often goes to showdown with bad one-pair hands.

Villain #2 is a little more of a regular but tends to be a calling station; hates to fold.

My image is generally a strong TAG (I think) who wins most nights.

Three limpers. I'm on the button with :5c :4c . I raise to $15. Small blind calls, big blind calls (Villain #1) and middle position calls (Villiain #2).

Pot = $60
Flop: :Tc :Th :Qc

Villain #1 bets $30. Villain #2 calls.

I think either player might have a Q, a 10, straight draws, or flush draws. Not expecting bigger pairs. Most likely one has two pair or better? But I'm getting 4:1 to call. With 9 outs, it's close, even I'm only gambling to hit on the turn. I consider a reraise, but not sure I really want to commit with a small flush draw. I call. Small blind folds.

Pot = $150
River is :Ac .

I've hit my flush. I have $255 left. Villain #2 checks. Villain #2 bets $75.

What would you do here?


  • Steve JonesSteve Jones ✭✭ Red Chipper Posts: 95 ✭✭
    I think if I am playing in a game with people that hate to fold, I want to iso them with hands higher than 5 high. This may be a decent button raise in a different type of game, but in the situation you describe, these players are not going to fold to your 15 raise pre, and even if they have random hands their range is better than your hand here. Why not just wait for value hands and get paid off?

    Also what is the effective stack size on flop and turn?
  • RoblivionRoblivion ✭✭✭ WisconsinRed Chipper Posts: 299 ✭✭✭
    I'm also going to recommend not raising this hand in this type of game. In this type of environment, I think you should be shifting your strategy to very value-heavy instead of trying to fight a losing battle of repping strength and running bluffs that fall on deaf ears. Also, when you do hit with 54s, it's usually going to be a low flush, the bottom end of the straight, or a low two pair - all of which can be dicey if you get any real action.

    As played, how wide will they both call you? If you jam, will V1 call you with Qx or a gutshot? If he calls, how light do you think V1 will overcall? This could be a good jam, especially if V2 will call with something like KcQx. Otherwise, calling the turn and calling or betting blank rivers seems fine.
  • Michael EMichael E ✭✭ Red Chipper Posts: 122 ✭✭
    Stations will NEVER fold trips. I would raise and get max value vs. QX type hands. Too many rivers crush your action and/or beat you!

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