See you later, and thank you!

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2018 has been a profitable poker year, but nagging at me for a while is that it's time for me to take a good long (and perhaps permanent) break.

There are two reasons:

1) I have other projects and passions -- including launching my own non-profit organization -- that are a higher priority for me than poker. While the side income from poker is incredibly helpful, time at the table is time away from my priorities.

2) Stasis is death. I have always said that it is easier to go from a 'C' to a 'B' than from an 'A-' to an 'A'. No, I am not so delusional as to think that I am anywhere near an 'A-' poker player. But, I recognize that I am at the point that every incremental step of improvement would require proportionally more and more study and effort. And I have to be honest: I'm not going to put in that time and energy. Without the drive to improve, I see stasis in my game, and it won't be long before the game passes me by.

Yes, I'll play with my friends in my regular home game (but that is far different from real time studying and playing at the casino). And, if my poker buddy who lives 90 minutes away is in town and wants to hit the tables, then I'll join him the once-in-a-while that he's here. But, that's it for 2019. I will be taking the year off to focus on my non-profit and other priorities. (I am the kind of person who needs to set concrete goals -- and I know that I am (usually!) disciplined enough to realize them.)

One other thing that I know about myself: I need a clean break from things rather than a partial one. In other words, were I to continue on this forum, then my poker passion would continue to be fueled, and that would be counter-productive to my goal of taking 2019 off.

So, that's a looooooong way of me saying to all of you, "Thank you". Thank you for your advice, push-back, teaching, and camaraderie (as much as is possible in a forum of strangers). I have genuinely appreciated and enjoyed my time on this forum with all of you and have grown both in poker and, more importantly, as a person.

Run well, everyone!


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