From reg to fish?

obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 70 ✭✭
The headline is an eye catcher so here's the question (analogy)
I play online 6-max usually 5nl and there's this reg who plays maybe 3-4 tables. I've played against him for may 2k hands now and all of a sudden he's (no joke) flop betting 1bb. Also on the turn 1bb usually after x,x... I thought it was a passing thing but in the next session, same player, 1bb 1bb 1bb on multiple streets. I raised and he folded a couple times but also I raised and he called with a nutted hand. He bet 1bb vs another player on the riv with the nut flush OOP and got called by worse but lost value... Has anyone run into this??? I understand the underbet strategy at times but not every time. If it means anything this guy always spouts off in chat when he takes a bad beat or gets caught bluffing. I've seen him tilt multiple times etc. Is this his new way of never losing a stack??? So confusing....


  • pokerdj4pokerdj4 NYRed Chipper Posts: 26 ✭✭
    It sounds like his mental game has taken a hit recently and this is causing him to deviate from his usual play. Or he was not a winning player and decided to try out a completely different strategy all together.
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    There's a discussion along these lines in The Myth of Poker Talent, ch. 6. It's about preflop raise sizing, but the idea is the same. There is some math behind it, but the answer isn't clear. It's very unlikely to be optimal either as a GTO or an exploitive strategy. It allows you to draw with proper odds too often, and it allows to to escape against nutted hands too cheaply and get to showdown whenever you want.

    I wouldn't discount it as a form of tilt, or turning into a fish. He might be experimenting with theory or maybe doing a mission.
  • RCP Coach - Fausto ValdezRCP Coach - Fausto Valdez RCP Coach Posts: 829 ✭✭✭✭
    yeah sounds like this guy is experimenting something but if he is implementing this strat and still getting upset in the chat room, he might just be loosing his mind all together
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    Yes, I see players do this often, betting very small. I often raise them, and they fold. Make sure you balance between raising them with absolute air, and nutted hands. It is annoying when you raise pre-flop with like KJ they call out of the BB flop comes like K 109 2 suit and they bet like 15% which you feel you must raise, as they can have so many worse...and then they smash you with a monster raise :(
  • jeffncjeffnc Red Chipper Posts: 4,670 ✭✭✭✭✭
    As @jfarrow13 says sometimes the strategy is to sometimes get a ridiculously cheap bluff in (which hardly ever has to be successful to profit), and to sometimes entice a raise with a big hand.

    The best way to exploit this is
    a) call with decent hands that are probably ahead right now
    b) call getting excellent odds on any draws (including 2 pair and trip draws)
    c) raise small with a "fight fire with fire" approach on hands you can fold to a reraise
    d) raise small or big with monster hand that he might reraise with

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