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Wanda_the_F1shWanda_the_F1sh Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭

So I have gotten thru the first 5 lessons of Core level one (about a week of semi-studying), and wanted to try to apply some of the concepts I have been learning to a real time situation.
So, on the WSOP site they do have a beginners cash game at 1 cent/ 2 cent, but I opted for one of the MTT freerolls (15 dollar prize pool) as a means to practice concepts at a bargain price.

I wanted to show the hand I got knocked out of the tournament with and my thought process behind it as means to get feedback. I am aware of how unsophisticated my thought process is so please bear with me.

Early tournament. Blinds 100/200
I wake up with :Jd:Jc UTG+1
UTG decides to limp.
My thought: Ok I know UTG's range should usually be the tightest. If villain is limping, then there is a good probability (esp given that its a 15 dollar prize pool) villain is looking to see a flop with something marginal.
Facing the limp, I can't find a reason to call with the JJ, so the plan that comes to my head is to raise (maybe repping QQ+) to 350 and hope that no one woke up with anything and that I would pick up the dead money.

It does fold around to UTG, but UTG finds a call.

Flop is: :9c:6h:2d

pot size is now 850, Villains stack is 13800, my stack (effective stack 2800)

UTG leads out for 425.
I tank and reason (yes, I realize it looks as if I have not absorbed any of what Core has taught) that UTGs range is wide enough that Villain did not hit anything subtantial on the flop and is probably trying to push me off AJ+ hands.

So, I raise to 975. UTG calls.

Turn: :Qh
UTG checks; I tank and reason that given how wide V's range is, it is likely the Q missed.
So i push my remaining 1600 into the pot.

River: :5h

I lose, Villain had :Jh:9h
Not necessarily looking for MTT advice, looking for advise on how to focus my thinking and what to think about. Cause its really hard (fdr me) to apply what I 've been trying to learn on Core while your actually in a hand. So how should I approach a hand/situation like this?
Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.


  • EazzyEazzy Red Chipper Posts: 1,018 ✭✭✭✭
    I don't know how core approaches it but your over complicating it here.

    Pre flop someone limps....He probably would raise strong hands...JJ crushes his limping range..

    If you raise you expect either to have weaker hands call you..or fold out stornger hands and equity. There are lots of weaker hands that call you here...and lots of hands that fold that have some equity....Raise is a no brainier pre flop...

    Just think of some of the hands that limp and would call you that you crush for now.....Axs....small pairs 22-77 maybe even TT..... suited conectrors of various types...

    Think of some hands you don't mind folding.....hands with an A K or Q....(sure you might prefer them to call but, chosing between them limping and only continuing if they hit and over pair too you and them folding to a raise....you don't mind them folding...

    ON the flop he donks half pot out...
    What do you think that means...don't worry about a micro preflop range.....think what does the donk small mean. (hint he is not trying to push you off AK....well unless he is a supper aggro guy...)

    unlikely to be a monster he limped called so he's unlikely to have QQ+ and most players would check raise...or slow play a set on this dry a board.....

    so what does he have....likely to be a one pair type hand trying to see where he is at...or a draw trying to set a price...

    His only draw is 87s (well 8out +draw)

    weaker hands include small pairs....A9s....t9s..98s...j9s...97s...maybe other suited 9s or untiueted ones like T9 (depending on how loose he is)..some 6's like A6s and maybe 76s type hands...

    So now were back to would weaker hands call you...if you think he calls wtih a 9 or A6 type hand then raise...if you think he folds these hands but might continue betting on the turn then just call....

    On the turn same analysis. if you bet will weaker hands call you....will beter hands fold....

    Here he can have pair and a draw..(if you think he calls you with 9x of hearts..or 87 of hearts to your flop bet...or he is supper sticky...putting you on AK type thing...then bet the turn..(shove probably fine).

    But really that where your thinking is....sure some times you have to weight diffrent factors...maybe he calls you with 87s, and A9s...but would fold t9s...and A6 (and bet the turn with these hands..) so you have to weight the different lines...

    By the way I think you played it fine...but your reasoning was a bit off..

  • Wanda_the_F1shWanda_the_F1sh Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Eazzy, thanks for spending the time. I am definitely going to invest time in reading and re-reading your analysis. Cheers.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,877 -
    I understand you're looking for general advice and not MTT advice, but I'm primarily a tournament player and can't help myself. It looks like you started in the hand with 15-16bb? Just shove over the limp.
    Moderation In Moderation
  • Michael EMichael E Red Chipper Posts: 125 ✭✭
    Here is a big thing I'm seeing over and over...

    Just because you got beat..doesn't mean you played it wrong!

    It's did you make the correct play.

    An UTG limper doesn't mean strength....I'd see it as weak.
    A donk bet is even weaker typically.

    With 14 bigs vs. a limp...shove and chip up like TheGameKat said.

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