Jones. BRM And Shot Taking

Adam Jones take a new look at the topic of bankroll management and shot taking. In a departure from much of the conventional wisdom, Adam advocates an aggressive approach. Notably, he argues that an overly-conservative BRM strategy will cost you money.

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  • ericmwhiteericmwhite Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    Thanks, this video was super helpful @w34z3l

    I created the sheet used in this video. Anyone is welcome to copy or add comments:
  • ericmwhiteericmwhite Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    For those who follow (or want to follow) this more aggressive BRM strategy, how would you adjust for SNG's and MTT's?

    Specifically, for the sheet that Adam put together, what numbers would you use for the "BI's needed for shot" and "Shot size" columns?

    I'd think for lower level SNG's 25 BI's with shots taken at 7 BI's might be a good place to start.

    I have no idea for MTT's....
  • PPLPPL Red Chipper Posts: 6 ✭✭
    Awesome vid!

    Is there also a spread sheet for live players? 1-3. 2-5. 5-10 etc?
  • JonKarlJonKarl Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
    So, question about the buy in sizes, are we talking max buy in? Or can we control the risk we take by buying in less. For instance on a 1/3 with a 100-500 buy in limit it to 200 at a time until we have a larger bankroll to buy in for 300. So that wouldn’t be considered shot taking staying within the same stakes?

    Like in Vegas you have max buy-in at Bellagio 2/5 of $500, Venetian $1000, and Wynn $1500. For the purposes of BRM would our $500 buy-in be the same at each casino as long as we only bought in for $500? Even though we’re playing the same 2/5 stakes? Would that be considered shot taking moving from Bellagio to Venetian at the same stakes.

    Please advise if we can just buy-in for less than max buy-in.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,654 -
    Yeah that's a wrinkle of complication. Note that Adam is an online player, so his default is simply to assume that one always buys in for 100bb. Once we deviate from that a host of other factors come into play. For example, there seems to be a tacit assumption that you can minimize risk by the simple expedient of short-stacking a game. If the idea is you min buy in the limit above the one you usually play and leave if you go bust, I guess there's some logic to it, but equally if you're not used to playing 40bb I'm not sure it's a good idea. Particularly when one considers short-stacking typically sees you getting AI more.

    The other critical thing is whether your BR is protected or not. For example, if your job gives you $500 disposable income a month, I see nothing wrong with sitting with $500 in a $2/$5 game. But clearly if you were playing poker for a living and your BR is $500, you better be 12-tabling the micros online and playing as long as possible, cos you got some cash flow issues.

    So my recommendation would be to figure out your most comfortable starting stack depth and use that as a basis for a decision. If you're happy playing 40bb, then buying in for $200 in a $2/$5 is a great way to discover Vegas $2/$5 is full of the same miserable nits that play $1/$2.
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  • JonKarlJonKarl Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I guess what I’m wondering is how do I tweak the spreadsheet for live play taking into account the different stakes and different max buy-ins. Because the max buy-in of each game controls the size of the game.

    There are no live micro stakes and the lowest game out there is 1/2 which requires a huge bankroll to start with according to the spreadsheet.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,654 -
    edited October 2019
    For obvious reasons I'm not going to run down our products, but it'd never occur to me to use our or anybody's else's spreadsheet to address this.

    If you'd like to DM me your financial situation I'd be happy to put together a plan for you.

    But to give some help here... How do you define your bankroll? What is your immediate goal in playing live? Are you planning a trip to Vegas or do you live close to a card room where you intend to play? I get the sense what you're looking for is a budget plan.

    Edit: if you really want to use the spreadsheet, just default everything to 100bb irrespective of the game cap. The error produced by that will be far smaller than the dispersion produced by your specific circumstances.
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