Off and on poker player MTT Cash Short Deck PLO PLO8 head spinning

weee3eeeweee3eee Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
Haha. Yeah. So many different variants out there and not enough time of the day. Well I am an on and off poker player. I constantly get overwhelmed as I have poker ADHD as I say. I go from one variant to another to just plain quitting in frustration.

I have taken a back seat to playing poker all together for about 3 months. I am coming into 2019 to be focused and driven and have reality set the course. It has been a rough going over the past 9 years of poker as I have been all around the felt and back and I believe my lack of focus has been the depth of me.

I have decided that I am giving up on a few varients of poker for the year. The first variant to give up is MTT poker. This has been my bread and butter for most of the 9 years of playing. I took a side break in the 9 years and took up cash for a little while but always found myself registering tournaments. Well that is no more.

No more raising the blinds every 10 minutes, ICM, short stacks, watching twitch poker on all hours of the night.

So I have decided to go with cash games. I am going to start the year off with 200.00 bankroll and blow it up either graphs up or down, my goal is to stick with it. I will start at 5nl to 10nl. My time is approx 12 hours a week with 2 1\2 hour sessions of study. I want to go through core here on RCP and then once complete, hit the Pro version.

I write this to say that for me, I lost money over the 9 yrs as I had not been focused, never stick to one thing, never really shared hands and be a bit vulnerable.

I know this ccommunity has always been the best. So here is to a profitable 2019. Let's go!!!


  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 657 ✭✭✭
    Good luck! But might I suggest starting at 2NL?
  • weee3eeeweee3eee Red Chipper Posts: 34 ✭✭
    LeChiffre wrote: »
    Good luck! But might I suggest starting at 2NL?

    Could you assist me in why I should start at 2nl. That would put me playing on ACR. I am not sure I want to play cash there.

    My goal is to play and roll for 1-3 live no limit. The 200 bucks isn't the total. I am willing to add to that when I need to as I start back.

    Thx. Looking forward to hear why you think 2nl is best for me. 😃

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