Villain is going all-in every other hand: what's your calling range?

MattPMattP Red Chipper Posts: 100 ✭✭
Just a quick thought experiment, since I've seen this on occasion at live tables and online. A player at the table shifts into maniac mode and is going all in every other hand (sometimes every hand).

Assuming he/she has you covered, what's a sensible range to call down with? I'm also keeping in mind that other players are noticing the wild play and considering loose calls as well. How does that affect your decision if, say, you're in middle position and have multiple players left to act behind you?



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    I absolutely can't stand these spots, so interested to see what others have to say, as well. I can say that in these spots I am looking to get V heads up. I would probably use a late position range to apply here.

    There is a guy at my local room who will come to the table with min buy-ins ($60) and play like that. He will jam it maybe once or twice an orbit and look to double up. If he misses, he rebuys for min and does it again. He rarely logs a long session and does this in an effort to make a quick buck and leave. Ive seen him lose $180 and call it a night after about an hour or so. Ive also seen him crack monsters with junk. Needless to say, not many people like or respect him.
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    It's not really possible to give an answer.

    It would be if we are the last to speak. But as there are some other Villains yet to act, we have to count on the fact that someone could come along - either somehow light because of shoving monkey, or because they did actually wake up with a good/great hand.

    So first we need a hand good enough to fight BOTH - or more - of them, and we have to look at what is the eff. stack with the other Villains. You don't give action if the effective stack is the shoved one, or if there are still few hundred to play for a side pot.

    Furthermore, this also questions our action of calling or iso-raising and how other V would react to it.
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    Ok, @Red... well then for sake of argument, let’s says you’re last to act, facing the maniac shove. What would you call with?
  • RedRed Red Chipper Posts: 2,317 ✭✭✭✭
    Smth like A9o+, A2s+, K9s, KTo+, 22+

    A bit high variance as there are many coin flip situation, but on the right side of the coin.
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    I have some experience with something similar. Years ago, when I was posted in Afghanistan, we had a regular game of 1/2 NLHE with a $100 capped buy-in. For context, most of the people in the game could afford to play for much higher stakes, as there was very little to spend money on in Kabul other than alcohol, food, and pirated DVDs. As a result, the game could get pretty crazy on occasion, with many players who just loved to chase straights and flushes. But the game runners kept the structure so that less skilled players or those that just wanted to have some fun once or twice a week would still be welcome.

    One of the regulars would go all-in, blind, several times per session. He was a really good guy, he just loved to gamble and could easily afford to lose a bunch of buy-ins per night. During the time I was there, there were 4 consistent money-winners, including me.

    When this gentleman did his blind all-in, if any of the other three were still to act behind me, I limited calls to premium holdings, basically anything I was comfortable playing for stacks if one of the other players shoved. (NOTE: I don't know if this is correct, that was just my thinking at the time.)

    When I was last to act, my calling range was pretty much what Red mentioned above, except I normally wouldn't play off-suit Ks below broadway (though I would today). I was more than happy to play this range knowing I had an any-two-cards range crushed.

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