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Hi guys,
I open the tread for 2 reasons
1) say thanks to the people that work at this project as for few bucks week, they give so much value and help people that's start with this game to beat the low levels...
I used to play poker with medium result (10 years s go) but long time didn't played the game.... deposited 220€ on ps and got it away in few days....

a week on rechippoker core level 1 , 100€ budget tourney of 1/2€ i made several final tables and won over 300€ in less then 10 small tourney...
what changed??? me, my decision, how i take decision, how i read the game, the players and situation.... this is gonna help many people that's moving first steps in this immense world....

2) did core helped you to improve your game? and on witch area of your game helped most?

thank you


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    Based on the comments I see on the CORE lessons, we're killing it, but I guess over here subs are shy?
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  • Brews_and_CardsBrews_and_Cards Red Chipper Posts: 101 ✭✭
    I signed up for Core a week or so ago. And I've sped through Level 1 as it was mostly review. But it did offer some very interesting thought processes that have found their way into my decision making routine now.

    I think it is extremely well produced content. Judging by some of SplitSuit's comments below the lessons, I believe a lot of my questions will be answered or expounded on during Level 2. And I'm looking forward to starting that soon.
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    Good to hear. I'm encouraging people to post questions and discussions about the content here if they so chose, since when the comments below a lesson get long they become difficult to follow. But both places are monitored.
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    I believe a lot of my questions will be answered or expounded on during Level 2. And I'm looking forward to starting that soon.

    I joined about a week ago and have sped through level 1. Im halfway through level 2 math and also feel like a lot of my questions will soon be answered. Although Im considering going back through level 1 slower, taking notes and doing more excercises. One thing I wish level 1 included was more "homework". Things to work on stated directly in the lesson to help with repetition and "put me in the drivers seat". I learn best by doing and there was no clear way to do that. I also recognize that I could have gone too fast and potentially missed these opportunities which is why I'll likely go through level 1 again before moving on.

    For example, a couple days ago I watched this older video from splitsuit and it laid out the perfect way to start messing around with flopzilla and ranges. It may seem obvious to some but this gave me exactly what I needed to study knowing I was doing it right.

    How To Continuation Bet Flops (Advanced C-Betting) | SplitSuit
    (link jumps to 15:00 when he goes over flopzilla)

    Im also starting to find a lot of content in the blog and forum which is great for studying and I wish the lessons pointed to these when appropriate.

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