Crypto and Poker

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Hi guys,
I have been i n poker world for many years,
opened first live poker room at 18 years old
worked as country manager for Poland and Italy for Maltese poker room
Owned my own online poker room with italian license

Today I am working on a big project that see Crypto and Poker as crypto offer several points to poker, let's see it

deposit / withdrow : both automatic and immediate
tax issue:in many countries crypto is not considered income so poker players has no pay tax on it ( in case where gaming at all is seen as taxable, the crypto doesn't rapresent cash, and has to be changed with real money or other crypto , btc, eth ecc)
Governament Limitation:crypto poker will be decentralized so there is no possibility to block it as every players host a part of the game
world and players players around all world could play together in one single network.... can you imagine China, Russia, Usa, India, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain etc plaing all together??
Trasparence all poker hands will be for ever stored online and every player can check it
Verificationthe verification is not needed for governaments but is needed for avoid collusion or player with multiple accounts play more user at same table
Collusion the AI will help noticing players that seat always together and analyze the game when goes in blockchain (after hands end) so if notice that 2 or more players plays together, they simply will not be allowed to seat again together, making the game safety for players
Traffic this can create massive traffic as it will be avaible all over the world
rake this could be one of the biggest benefits as the rake gonna be much lower

there is tons of benefit for a technology like this applied to games, specially to poker
we nee only people that is crazy enought to make a step into this world

thanks for read all, wish you got great time at poker table



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