Group Coaching Session, Adam Jones, Jan 30th 9ET

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Hey everyone:

Hopefully most of you read our recent announcement for the new offerings in 2019: I think the most ambitious of these projects is the monthly group coaching session. These are free to PRO members who can find a registration link to the first session on their PRO dashboard.

We've had a great deal of positive feedback about Adam Jones' contributions to both CORE and our PRO video library, so I am delighted to confirm that he will be presenting the first of our group coaching sessions on January 30th at 9 pm ET. The title is “Busting Myths: Correcting Bad Poker Advice.” I've had a preview of the content and it's going to be both informative and a lot of fun, including some real-time polls and winding up with a Q&A session.

Here's a brief description of some of the content:

If you spend any time talking to poker players you'll know that some of them are happy to hand out poker advice. In many player pools this advice, through repetition, gets elevated to the status of immutable truth. But is this advice actually any good?

In this presentation Adam Jones argues that a great deal of this common wisdom is dangerously wrong. Dangerous, that is, to your bankroll if you follow it. Adam identifies ten of the most pernicious myths and busts them.

Have you been told that GTO play is more important than exploitative poker? That you should bet your entire range small on every flop? Maybe the local “expert” at your card room has convinced you to bet large on drawy boards and small on dry ones? Join Adam's group coaching session to discover solid poker advice derived from sound theory.

If you're a PRO member, but the time of the session is inconvenient, we will be offering replays. You can also leave a question for Adam in this thread as a reply to this post below.

In order for you to get the most out of this group coaching session, we have created a list of material you might like to review before attending. You can find it on your PRO dashboard below the registration link.

In addition to these monthly sessions, PRO membership continues to provide access to everything on the site including our soon-to-be expanded crash course offerings, the full PRO video library, and of course CORE.

If these new offerings are edging you towards taking up a PRO membership, the sign-up link is just a click away.


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