correct line to Iso a maniac?

venetioonvenetioon Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
live MTT (15min levels) 6 handed table. around 40 entrants, 30 remaining, top 4 paid. tournament has been going 45mins

Villain 1 (~40000) UTG
Villain 2 (~30000) CO
Hero (~28000) Button: Ah9s

Blinds 100/200

Hero has been playing tight and quiet (card dead), not in many hands.

Villain 1 is super laggy, playing around 60% of hands, seems to limp weak and open stronger hands, also is willing to make aggressive moves and bluffs. Have seen him show cards once. In that hand he was heads up oop and x/called a 2/3 pot bet otf and 1/2 pot on turn with a gutshot only to bet around 2/3 pot on the river with air when checked to, he got a fold and he showed his bluff. He has been betting into multiway pots a lot and all round seemed to be making super loose calls.

Villain 2 is more tight solid and have seen him call multiway then fold to a reraise in 2 other hands, one pre-flop, other otf on a dry board. No other reads.

Villain 1 limps UTG, folds to Villain 2 in CO who limps, folds to Hero who raises to 1000. Folds to Villain 1 and 2 who call.

Flop (3300): As2c3c

Villain 1 bets 1500, Villain 2 calls. Hero raises to 6000.
Villain 1 calls, Villain 2 folds.

Turn (16800) 8d
Villain 1 checks. Hero checks.

River (16800) 4s
Villain 1 bets 7500

Preflop my thought was to isolate against Villain 1 whose limping range I am ahead of.

On the flop I decide to raise to get villain 2 to fold his draws and underpairs and isolate for value against villain 1 whose calling range includes draws, worse Aces/mid pocket pairs/sets I am mostly discounting AK,AQ,AJ,AT because I think he likely opens these pre.

After I raised otf villain said to the player next to him that he doesn't think I have it. I check the turn because I didn’t want to be exposed to a reraise or that he was trapping with a monster. My idea was to check and use my hand to bluff catch if he took a shot at the river which he has done on a previous hand. But in hindsight I think this is a bet because a check weakens my line a lot, leaving me unsure of where I am on the river while also giving a free card to his draws.

Because of my check ott, his river bet range has some busted draws but also sets, straights, Ax and two pair. Unsure if he would be bluffing this river after my flop raise, but he plays so loose I might still beat his 'value' range of Ax?

Would love any feedback on line/thinking and whether I am judging his range correctly


  • wescrowescro Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
    1. I think your line and justification throughout the hand makes sense, but I still think the river is a fold. Your check OTT was okay because you were just bluffcatching at that point and there really wasn't much value in betting.

    2. The problem with the River is that he doesn't have too many bluffs left, as his limp/call range PF connects with this board heavily and even a good amount of his club draws (which you weren't giving him a price to chase, but given a maniac opponent, he may still have been chasing) have now hit two pair or make the straight with any 5. Even if you think he's loose enough that Ax is in his "value range" by the river, this still isn't great for you because you need it to be A6, A7, (A9 for the split) and that's only 20 total combos. It wasn't a bad line to take, but I think the runout did you no favors, and sometimes you have to abandon even a well-laid plan when the the runout favors your opponent's range and line.

    3. Also, he may play like a maniac with his calling and bluff ranges, but if he's even semi-competent, his earlier play showing the bluff OTR actually makes it LESS likely that's he's bluffing again here, not more.
  • venetioonvenetioon Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Thanks wescro, definitely agree with the runout favouring his range, so much of his Ax that I beat gets there as do some of his draws. I also agree that he is less likely to be bluffing given he showed his earlier bluff even if he is a maniac, I misread this live.
    Results: I tank called and he shows A5o

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