Awkward spot with JJ in $500 live tournament

Donald DingwellDonald Dingwell Red Chipper Posts: 13 ✭✭
As a background I'm primarily an online player and am trying to get into live poker more but have never played in any buy in over $200 live so this is a big stab for me as its a $500 deep stack at a local casino.

About 3 and a half hrs into play at 800 / 1.6k with a 70k stack which is a bit above avg. I open for 4.5k in the BTN with JJ vs blinds, SB (60kish stack) who seems to be a good player with an average range 3bets to 15k, I flat to a flop of Q82 rainbow villian leads for 11k I flat Ah on the turn he bets 15k I fold. It's worth it to note that I had been playing a wider range in position and he could have picked up on that and 3bet me wide. My thoughts are I possibly should shove preflop or on the flop knowing he can just be using the knowledge of me playing position alot to take that I have a weak hand. Any feedback would be great, thanks!


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