turning TPGK into a bluff

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Deepstack live low stakes tourney, 15 min levels, around 1hr in.

Villain 1 (Button): Tight weak/passive player who has only limped and called so far. Has folded to c-bets on a few other hands. Have not seen her preflop raise.
Hero (HJ): :JD: :QD: playing tight aggressive, not too many notable hands so far. One fairly big pot where I check called flop on nfd then c/c turn and hit my flush on the river and c/r, got called and showed down the flush.
LJ: solid reg that overlimps a fair bit (limping is frequent in this tourney)
EP: new player, no read
effective stack is 28k
blinds: 100/200

EP limps, LJ limps, Hero limps, Villain 1 raises to 1100, all limpers call.

Flop (4700):
:JS: :4S: :5C:

checks to hero who checks, Villain bets 2200, EP and LJ fold, Hero calls

Turn (9100):
when spade hits villain sighs a little bit

hero checks, villain checks

River (9100):

Hero quickly bets 7000...

preflop I limp here but this should probably be a raise most times? After the preflop raise from such a weak passive player I think V1s range is TT+, AK,AQ maybe AJs, KQs. I call for a good price with a hand that can hit big multiway.

I check flop here because I am fairly sure a c-bet is coming from V1 when she is checked to given how strong her preflop range is with lots of overpairs and overcards. I call flop to see if she barrels turn. I like floating flops with a turn spade, or 3 being a scare card that I can use to bluff a weak passive player off QQ,KK, AA, AJ. When she checks the turn (especially after sighing) she does not have JJ or AK/AQ spades. I am fairly sure she has an overpair after making her first raise pre flop, c-betting then checking the turn. I think it is unlikely she has AK,AQ because I think she only c-bets these if they are spades and then bets turn.

My line looks similar to my previous hand where I c/c my flush and check when it hits. I think my flop call looks like I am chasing a draw and a largish river bet looks like I am trying to get paid off from my turned flush. I also might take this line with 44,55. I decide to lead for around 3/4 pot on the river as bluff to get a weak/passive player to fold her overpairs.

thanks for any thoughts on my line on all streets. I am unsure whether I should be betting turn here with the live tell?


  • TravisTravis Red Chipper Posts: 455 ✭✭✭
    Why bet the river at all? Let alone that much? In your flush example river you reraised not open raise. Also typically a weak passive is not folding over pair there, especially if they have a blocker
  • venetioonvenetioon Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    because a weak passive player who checked the turn is likely checking behind and not giving me an opportunity to c/r. I think its close whether she folds in this particular instance, but the sigh on the turn lead me to believe she hated the spade so unlikely to have a blocker. Do we bet turn instead or just give up on the hand?
  • Zero CoolZero Cool Red Chipper Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    Pre-flop this should definitely be a raise not a limp, take the initiative and don't let anyone get position on you for cheap. As played, if you're going to turn this hand into a bluff, I prefer leading the turn and double barreling non spade rivers. I just don't know if one 3/4 pot bet will get a weak player to lay down an overpair often enough.

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