Deep run deep stack tourney

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$300 buy in, 20,000 starting chips, 30 minute levels, antes introduced @ level 4, 75 runners, 1st place $7k, 10th place $596

Rebought @ level 4 so I'm feeling a need to play for 1st

Level 11; 1500/3000 400 ante

Hero(82k) is in BB with :AD::QS:
folds to CO(150k) raises to 12k
folds to Hero- flats

Flop(32k): :QD::5H::8H:

Hero bets 25k
Villain shoves

I played with villain in the earlier levels of the tournament, he was a short stack the majority of the time and was playing a shove-or-fold preflop game. We broke tables @ level 8 and he reseated at my table with a monster stack so I'm not too sure what happened but he was playing very tight after reseating.

This is my first run in a deep-stack tourney, I was doing great and even chip leader at one point until about level 6-7ish when the whole dynamic changed. You've got all these deep stacks raising 6-7xbb, all these short stacks shoving, it just turned into a form of poker warfare I've never experienced before.

My main question is when facing a 12k raise PF in the BB are you flatting or shoving at this point in the tourney?

And due to the line I took, how is the flop bet sizing? I was trying to charge in case of flush draw/overcards, and get value for any Q/x hands.


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    Shove pre. As played with an SPR just over 2, you're going with the hand. I tend to bet a bit smaller on the flop. Call the shove, obviously.
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  • blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 183 ✭✭
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    Yeah I realized shortly after the flop turned over I'm in a small SPR situation so why not just shove PF, but it was too late.

    I called the shove obviously and he turned over :8S::8C:

    No queen to save me, walked away in 18th place with another lesson learned.

    I faced situations that troubled me earlier as well,

    Facing all-ins with the following:
    :JC::JS:, :KH::TH:, and :TH::TD:

    I folded all 3 hands, was thankful to fold the pocket jacks after seeing the run-out but wasnt too sure about the other two hands. Pocket tens were against a maniac and the King Ten was against a super tag. Are you folding these hands in late stages of a tourney when facing a decision for the majority of your stack?
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    Depends a lot of position (mine, the opener's), the precise stack depth and V's tendencies. Obviously is always better if we can be the shover and not the caller.
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