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Villain is fairly new to the table. Out of 22 hands, he has 3 bet 1 time. and he has only played 3 hands. Not enough history to be really useful.

Villain has 152 BB on a .50/$1.00 table
Hero has 121 BB
Villain in UTG1
Hero on the button :Kd :AC:

UTG opens for $ 3.00
Villain (UTG1) raises to 10.00
Hero Calls
UTG Calls

Flop :7c :2s :TD:

check / check

turn :8S:
UTG Checks
Villain bets $ 23.50 (2/3 pot)
Hero Calls
UTG folds

If he is anything close to a regular, I can't see how much could have hit his 3bet range. QQ+, AK, maybe AQ, AJ. and possibly TT. The TT is only thing that looks like it could be a hit on this board. He flop when check / check, so I'm thinking either he didn't hit or he has a monster and is trapping.

if I had to put him on a hand at this point, I'm thinking AK, AQ, KQ, QQ+.

River :3s

He goes all in - Must have hit the flush. or is betting a set of TTT.

I folded.

Should I have bet the flop? That would be a bluff bet, with good overcards. How would you have played this differently?

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