Is this a good spot to barrel?

GuilhermeGodoiGuilhermeGodoi BrasilRed Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
The hand happened on GG poker NL10 6-max regular table.

I'm with 100bb at BT with :Ah:6h, all table folds and i raised for 2.5bb.
SB folds, BB(55bb) calls.

Villain is a recreational, i dont have many hands against him but a 55bb stack with 40/12/0 over 50 hands is enought to put a rec tag.

Board comes: :Kc:8d:3d
Pot: 5.5bb
Villain checks
I bet 3bb, villain calls.

At this point i think i would cbet any hand since villain has a lot of crap to fold and there's some flush draws combos that is good to charge.

Turn is a :5s
Pot: 11.5bb
Villain checks.
i bet 6bb, Villain calls.

After he calls flop i think he's with some weak K, low pockets pairs, Ace highs and missed flush draws.

I think it's a good spot to double barrel. A high, some 8s and low pockets will fold and we have some equity against flush draws. I put the hand on flopzilla and Ks is just arround 1/4 of his range.

River is a: :Ts
Pot: 23.5bb
Villain checks.
i bet 15bb.
Villain dont take much time to raise all-in 43bb.
i fold.

Well, i think villain was on KT, maybe TT, slowplaying a low set or bluffing a missed flush draw. if he still with QT, JT, T9 at this point, he would just call.

Looks like a easy fold for me and after review i think it was a good spot for barreling.

i'm trying to implement more bluffs on my game. especially double and triple barrels.

So, should i just give up this hand after he calls the flop cbet? or bet larger at turn?

it's my first hand posted ever.. so any tips about it would be welcome too!


  • AceFromSpaceKKAceFromSpaceKK Red Chipper Posts: 303 ✭✭✭
    I don't think that this is a good spot to barrel. We have no equity (but a little showdown value), V is unlikely to fold KX or 8X and we might be ahead of flush draws which a lot of recreational players are not bluffing on the river with.
    Barrel hands like 76s, flush draws...
    At these stakes it's not easy to get folds, this is why you should value bet bigger and thinner in general, especially against recreationals. Try to bluff regs but keep in mind that a lot of players will still call you down because "it's just 5$ so I call"

    I like your aggressive approach tho :)
  • Brian BBrian B Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    Seeing as villain is a 40/12, he is def going to be a passive fish preflop. My big question is, what is he doing with all his junk going post flop. How sticky he is with his junk, will really help me decide the best line to take. If he is folding a large % to cbets then i am going to add more air to my cbetting range. If he rarely folds to cbets, then i am going to bluff less and turn more of my thin value range into value. Ah6h, with no backdoor draws seems much more like a check on the flop, then trying to toss out extra barrels to get someone to fold without additional information about how they play and why this exploit will work.
  • GuilhermeGodoiGuilhermeGodoi BrasilRed Chipper Posts: 3 ✭✭
    @AceFromSpaceKK i think i'm being overagressive against passive fishs because i know they miss the flop and fold a lot but as you and @Brian B says, without information about how villain plays postflop it's overall better to go for thin value than try to get folds.

    Thanks guys!
  • obliviusoblivius San FranciscoRed Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
    I feel like once u reach the riv with 2 barrels and no folds ur done. IF u really feel like a 3rd barrel i'd under bet to maybe 8-9bb to get that 8 or A-high to fold.. ... Seems like a stretch tho. There's literally zero draws except FD's and your weak A might, at best be good at SD.
  • NinjahNinjah Red Chipper Posts: 1,145 ✭✭✭✭
    Against this player type and with this hand, I'd look to cbet and then likely give up. When picking hands to fire three barrels as a pure bluff, you want hands that block the opponent's value while unblocking draws. For example a hand like QhJh would be a good candidate here, as it blocks some calling Kx hands and doesn't reduce the number of combos of flush draws that Villain can hold. That being said, we have to be aware that this player type isn't going to fold a pair so firing three barrels isn't going to be a good idea very often here.

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