$3.30 online flush draw vs top pair

pappy96pappy96 Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
Hello! I thought this hand was interesting. I didn't participate in it, but I know the hole cards of two players in the hand so I'll explain it and hopefully it's easy to follow along.
Blinds: 200/400/20. Relevant stacks: UTG 1725, SB 10,090, BB 6853.
UTG limp calls, the small blind calls with :2d :4d , and the big blind who checked with :Jc :TS:
Flop comes :Th :6d :7d . Current pot size is 1440. Small blind stack is 9690, big blind stack is 6453. SB checks, BB bets 800, UTG who’s stack is 1325 folds. SB calls. Pot is now 3,040.
Turn is :Qc . SB checks, BB bets 1000, SB calls. Pot is 5040.
River is :Qd . SB bets 2520, BB calls

I think this is an interesting hand. I think the small blind can be willing to draw out of position with a hand like :2d :4d , and the check from the BB makes since because he's out of position to UTG who could be shoving if raised at. So when BB hits top pair on the flop, betting out is probably the way to go. At this point UTG could have any Ace that didn't pair and may want out of the hand, or they have an under pair beat by BB's top pair. So UTG gets out of the way, and SB calls. SB isn't getting a good price to call here so I like the sizing on the BB's part. But then after the turn, BB bets again, but much smaller. I can see the apprehension because you're now second pair with a good kicker. Mathematically it's a good sized bet to a flush draw because calling a bet of that size would require 20% equity, and you're roughly 18% to call with 9 outs. So SB calls again barely not getting the right price, and then hits the flush on the river.

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