Floating the flop | pulling the trigger on the river

EurocratEurocrat Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
Hi everyone,

here's another hand I played recently where some input would be highly appreciated. Again, I played it on Pokerstars NL5:

Table Information
Seat: 1 Player 1 ($7.35)
Seat: 2 Player 2 ($7.33) Dealer
Seat: 3 Player 3 ($9.78) Small Blind
Seat: 4 Hero ($5) Big Blind
Seat: 5 Player 5 ($5)
Seat: 6 Player 6 ($7.03)
Dealt to Hero

Preflop (Pot:0.07)
Player 5 FOLD
Player 6 FOLD
Player 1 FOLD
Player 2 RAISE $0.1
Player 3 FOLD
Hero CALL $0.05

Flop(Pot: $0.22)

Player 2 BET $0.14
Hero CALL $0.14

Turn(Pot: $0.5)

Player 2 BET $0.39
Hero RAISE $1.35
Player 2 CALL $0.96

River(Pot: $3.2)

Player 2 FOLD
Hero RETURN $3.41

Hero wins the pot: $6.61

V seems to be a somewhat reasonable player although on the aggressive side (28/25 after 41 hands). I've seen him trippel-barrel with Qhigh before.

Some thoughts I have:
-Looking back, I'm not happy with floating the flop. I fold to cbets about 45% overall, so I know that's an area I have to work on and which is why I'm looking for spot to float. But in this situation, other than a BD straight flush I don't really have anything much. What do you think?
-On the T, I hit one of the cards that I could hope for and go for the X/R.
-Another thing I'm working on is on pulling the trigger on the R. In this spot, I don't have any showdown value, there are plenty of draws that did not hit (of course, that applies to my range as well), but I don't think anything worse than 2pair would call here.

Looking forward to hear some thoughts.



  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 641 ✭✭✭
    Did you get the suits right? You didn't have a BD straight flush on the flop
  • wescrowescro Red Chipper Posts: 54 ✭✭
    1. I agree that flop continuance is too wide, as you didn't hit ANY part of that flop, so you'll have much better hands to continue.
    2. Having said that, I like your turn and river plays here. You X/R with a hand that has draw equity and quite a bit of fold equity OTT. And as long as you're willing to pull the trigger on a blank river, which you obviously were, it's a play that makes sense.
    3. On a different note, I wonder how many folks would use J8s as a squeeze play in the BB. Against just a min raise, you can defend very wide, but I tend to like to raise suited hands in that spot, since they realize equity better in position than OOP, or at least when you're the aggressor? What are the general thoughts about fitting a hand like that into a squeezing range in that spot?
  • EurocratEurocrat Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    @LeChiffre: The suits are right - it's a typo and was supposed to mean "straight draw"...

    @wescro: Thanks for your analysis. I'm not so much a fan of 3betting J8s here because I do think its strong enough to call indeed and I have the impression that the population of regs at NL5 I play with tends to defend too much against 3bets, leaving me in a pretty big potOOP with a hand that has mediocre playability to me. I would be more inclined to 3bet smaller one-gappers and suited aces in this spot, but don't have a lot of confidence that this is a 100% correct.

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