Top pair facing a large river bet on a wet board

ErinningErinning Red Chipper Posts: 27 ✭✭
1/2 NL game, $500 effective with main villain, there is a short stack also involved in the hand.

Main villain is a young Asian lady, she's been playing loose, and tends to over value hands like top pair and sometimes even second pairs. She barrel bluffs on boards with no range advantage, and often chase draws.

Hero was in EP with :Ac :Qc and opens to $10, V on the button calls, and a short stack in the BB calls. 3 ways to the flop.

Flop ($30): :Kh :Ts :9s , Short stack open shoves for $28, H call, and V calls.

Turn ($115) :Ah , H bets $50, V calls.

River ($215) :8s , H checks, V bets $170, H folds.

A few points of confusion here:
1. on the flop, should hero have called? It seemed like the short stack could have a lot of draws or middling pair that H has a lot of equity against. But now I think about it, with one person behind me and no backdoor flush draw, a call may not be the best option.
2. on the turn, should hero bet? and how was the sizing? Hero thought that there are still draws that the V will happily call with, such as 78 or any flush draw. Hero sized $50 to give the V a proper price to continue.
3. on the river I think it's pretty straight forward fold for the hero. All draws got there, and the price for calling wasn't very good.

Thanks for any comments!


  • Ppacman73Ppacman73 Red Chipper Posts: 20 ✭✭
    Hey Erinning

    1 I think her it’s a a fold. It’s calling 28 dollars when there is 30 in the pot. Let’s say if your Ax hits or your JX hit you win and that might not even be true considering some of those cards hit the flush.Thats still only about 28 percent.Heres the bigger problem though it not heads up your out of position with another player to act who’s range really hits this flop.

    2. Like you said she likes to chase draws.So the 50 good I think you get value from flush draws and top and middle pairs. I feel like all raising bigger might do is fold out her worst holdings.

    3 Good check fold One of the worst cards in the deck hit. So you check and not give her another dime. So no issues there.
  • Phil EbbsPhil Ebbs Red Chipper Posts: 217 ✭✭✭
    edited February 4
    -With someone left to act, I'd fold to the flop shove.
    -I like the decision to bet turn with a double flush draw out there, but your bet size doesn't accomplish much. You give her the odds to call in position, so you need to make it bigger if you are going to bet. You want her to make a mistake when she calls - she isn't making a mistake if she's drawing to spades and a gutter for this sizing. You gotta bet at least half pot, I'd probably make it like $70. It's also a little weird because it's a dry side pot, and you can't ever really be bluffing here, since the all-in player likely has something. But you block QJ, you don't have a spade, I like the decision to bet.
    -Good check fold on the river. All value hands are ahead of you here. Only thing that maybe concerns me is that you describe villain as overvaluing weak hands. Theoretically she shouldn't ever be doing this with KQ or AJ, but if you've seen her do this in the past, that would be super annoying, but probably still a fold unless she way overbluffs as well.

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