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Hey guys, would appreciate some feedback from a hand I played tonight. The V in the hand can only be described as a maniac. He had bought in 3 or 4 times since I sat down, and is a calling machine. He is also a large reason I am up $300

-9 ring 1/2 NLH
-Hero $500 effective
-V $200 effective (I think he just bought back in)

- UTG limps for $2
- folds around to V who raises to $15 in middle position (this raise was common from him)
- Folds to Hero in late position who 3 bets to $50 with :Jd :Jh
- UTG and V make the call
- Pot $153
- Flop: :2d :4d :9d
- UTG and V check
- Hero bets $100
- UTG folds, and V makes the call
- Turn: :Ks
- V jams his remaining $50
- Hero makes the call
- River: :2s
- V shows :Qd :Kc

- I think I made 2 mistakes here, first off was my 3 bet sizing which could have been slightly bigger and second was not jamming the flop as the SPR was so small. Neither of which do I think would have gotten V off his hand.
- Are JJ in everyone's 3 betting range? Would you have jammed the flop?


  • PapaGiorgioPapaGiorgio Red Chipper Posts: 67 ✭✭
    3B size looks fine. It's basically a pot-sized bet. Not as sure on the cbet. Since it's a 3B pot, you could size it down to $50. You would still be called, but the turn jam would be larger, thus allowing you to fold if you think villain only jams with TP+.
  • Zero CoolZero Cool Red Chipper Posts: 270 ✭✭✭
    Welcome to RCP. I don't think you made any big mistakes in the hand. You could size up your 3-bet but only if you think he will continue calling wide, you're not trying to blow him out of the pot. OTF I would either shove or size down like @PapaGiorgio suggested but not so you could fold turn it would just be to keep his range wide and calling down like he wants too. Except against a few specific V's JJ's is in my 3-bet range.

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