EV Calculation help...THNKS!

MK12345MK12345 Red Chipper Posts: 15 ✭✭
Cash game. 2Players. Blinds $50-$100. Starting stack for SB = $33,200 …. BB = $24,200 .

SB raises to $300 with QcQh. BB 3-bets to $900. SB 4-bets to $2,700. BB calls $2700.
Pot size = $5400

Flop = 9h, 7c, 4d.

SB bets $3500. BB calls $3500.
Pot = $12,400

Turn = 9h, 7c, 4d, Ks.

SB bets $7,000. BB pushes all in for $18,000. Pot = $37,400.

What should SB do?
SB remaining stack = $20,000 and it would be $11,000 more to call.

*****I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE EV calculations for this hand. Any help would be appreciated. I figured out the %W and %L using Equilab but I am not sure what the $W and $L would be. Anyone know how to do this?*****

EV = (%win x $win) - (%lose x $lose).

$W =
$L =

To calculate %W and %L I take out Equilab and put everything where it needs to go. I have my QQ from the SB and I put villain’s shoving range at JJ+, Ako, Aks.

Equity calculator computes:
SBs (my) equity is = 47%L
BB’s (villain’s) equity is = 53%W


  • mwolovetz1mwolovetz1 Red Chipper Posts: 15 ✭✭
    You might want to use the Advanced EV formula.
  • Brian BBrian B Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    $W would be the money already in the pot before you have to call off 11k, so $37,400. $L would be what you have to call, so 11k. You stated you thought his range was JJ+, AK. Can he have 99 here or any other flopped sets? Do you think he shoves JJ in this spot?
  • MK12345MK12345 Red Chipper Posts: 15 ✭✭
    Thanks Brian. I didnt even consider the possibilities of flopped sets. I think I got it figured out with your help. thank you.

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