how much fold equity do I need to make this good

ryon341ryon341 Red Chipper Posts: 89 ✭✭
.50 / $1.00 table with 100BB Effective

Hero in the HJ with :8C: :TC:
Open Raise to 3.5 BB
Villain on BU calls

Pot size is $9.50

Flop :Th :QH: :AC:

All kinds of dangerous looking board, and I just have bottom pair. I don't see me making this to showdown, so i decided to try something.

Hero Checks
Villain bets $5.87 (2/3 pot
Hero Raises to $ 20.00

Villain folds

Villains fold to cbet, while not directly relevant, does show some indication. He folds to Cbet 54% of the time. I can't find the "fold to x/r stat in my hud".

According to Equilab, my equity on the flop was 39%.

How do i determine how much fold equity I need to make this a profitable move? I don't know how to do the actual calculation, I would appreciate if someone could walk me through it.


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