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drewmandrewman SeattleRed Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
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Here goes:

9-handed $25NL online game with no meaningful data on any actor.

Hero is on the button with:
:AD: :KH:

UTG folds
Villain($11.98) MP LIMP
HJ ($30.62) CALL
FOLDs to hero
Hero ($24.40) RAISE to $1.35
Blinds both FOLD
Villain CALL

:6D: :AS: :2D:

Villain($10.63) BET $1 with $9.38 behind
Hero($23.05) RAISE to $3.95
Villain CALLS

:6D: :AS: :2D: :3C:

Villain($6.68) BET $1
Hero($19.10) RAISE All-in
Villain CALL

:6D: :AS: :2D: :3C: :JC:

Villain shows:
:KD: :TD:

I know I stacked my opponent here, still I've had a lot of thoughts about how I could have played this differently. I would love to know what other people think.


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,771 -
    Villain is bad at poker.

    You did great. While it is good to ask if you could do better, in this spot you will gain more by asking "why did Villain play as they did?". What fallacies, fears, or emotions drove them to these actions.

    Given this answer, what other errors do you expect them to be prone to? Make a fictional hand showing the behavior, see what people think.
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  • Zack_Zack_ Red Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    I see this type of play a lot in 10NL. Weaker players make this type of donk bet with hands they think are mediocre (Weak Ax, Pocket Pairs) it almost never represents real strength. These type of players will usually POT this texture with sets/strong aces as they are generally afraid of being drawn out on. I'm almost always going for value here.

    Preflop was played well in my opinion.

    Flop was also played well. While I'm not overly concerned with the flush draw here I want to get value from Ax, and small pairs before a scare card (Diamond) hits and give draws a -EV call. I don't know if the size is optimal but I can't argue against it. It sets up nicely to get the rest of his stack on the turn.

    Thanks to the previous street and preflop play I think you left yourself with an easy optimal turn play. Just get the rest of the stack in there. I don't think a flush draw or Ax hand is ever folding here.

    Just some food for thought. What if the turn was the :QD: ? Are you still stacking off if he jams? Were you thinking about this on the flop? I have a hard time getting away from these hands especially when holding the :AD: even though a weak player like this is almost never bluffing.
  • flashstrange90flashstrange90 Red Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    I think overall you play the hand well however I agree with the above poster that you should really analyse the Villains play here to gain information.

    In my opinion, the Villains first real issue is limping in mid position. If he puts in a raise here, the play is then on you to 3 bet or call. Villain obviously fancied seeing a flop and was trying to get in cheap.

    An undersized donk bet achieves absolutely nothing in this situation for the villain. You are calling with all your flush draws, all your A-X, and I have no idea what he is trying to achieve with this other than inflating the pot hoping to hit his draw. As soon as he calls your raise he is almost commited to seeing 3 street and trying to hit the draw.

    The turn bet of $1 into $12.30 shows the poor level of play and the call shows the Villain likes a gamble.

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