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Here goes:

9-handed $25NL online game with no meaningful data on any actor.

Hero is on the button with:
:AD: :KH:

UTG folds
Villain($11.98) MP LIMP
HJ ($30.62) CALL
FOLDs to hero
Hero ($24.40) RAISE to $1.35
Blinds both FOLD
Villain CALL

:6D: :AS: :2D:

Villain($10.63) BET $1 with $9.38 behind
Hero($23.05) RAISE to $3.95
Villain CALLS

:6D: :AS: :2D: :3C:

Villain($6.68) BET $1
Hero($19.10) RAISE All-in
Villain CALL

:6D: :AS: :2D: :3C: :JC:

Villain shows:
:KD: :TD:

I know I stacked my opponent here, still I've had a lot of thoughts about how I could have played this differently. I would love to know what other people think.


  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,664 -
    Villain is bad at poker.

    You did great. While it is good to ask if you could do better, in this spot you will gain more by asking "why did Villain play as they did?". What fallacies, fears, or emotions drove them to these actions.

    Given this answer, what other errors do you expect them to be prone to? Make a fictional hand showing the behavior, see what people think.
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