RA or RN Board

SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 777 ✭✭✭
2-5 live

$900 eff

Villain- New to me. Seems competent, leaning towards LAG but not wild by any stretch

Hero- older, VPIP is TAG, opens big from late position, 3bet big from blinds

Hero makes it $30 from HJ with :Ad:Ac standard for Hero that day
BU- villain calls
Limper calls

$97 in the pot
Flop: :Kd:Qd:8c
Hero cbets $50
BU calls

$197 in pot
Turn :9s
Hero bets $75
BU calls

$347 in pot
River :Jc
Hero checks
BU bets $250
Hero folds


Flop- in game I bet thinking this is a RA board for me. I would be betting quite bit of my range here. However, now, I'm thinking it's actually RN board. maybe good check raise here with :Ad ???

Turn- did not like this card. Decided to down bet to attack lone K, Q or JJ or TT that floated and keep villain wide. thoughts?? after the BU call my plan was down bet the river again if I got a brick. thoughts??

River- in my mind I'm thinking bad, bad card. Some hands are there already, others I wanted in got there. I'm giving up. Thoughts??

Thanks in advance for any thoughts

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